Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Cheap Trick: Ottoman Makeover

that's a whole lotta brown leather going on!
when our couches officially died a couple of months ago (though, we should have declared them dead a year ago), i caved in and let B get his dream couch - a leather reclining sectional. i call it the "man couch". it's not pretty, but it's so comfortable that as soon as i sit down, i forget all about how ugly it is.

so, i'm in the process of trying to balance out all that ugliness with some pretty improvements to the room. the first thing that had to be changed was the ottoman.

we got our leather storage ottoman at big lots a few years ago. it only cost us about $100, because it was damaged - the casters were broken off. B reattached them by drilling through small blocks of wood. it was a really sturdy fix, but you could see the blocks sticking out. aside from that unsightly characteristic, it clashed with the new couch, as they were different shades of brown. in a perfect (aka - rich) world, i would just buy a new ottoman, but i currently get paid in slobbery kisses and poopy diapers, so i took my two pennies and gave it a facelift.

i tried to pic out a sturdy printed upholstery fabric (because prints don't show stains as well as solids) that wasn't too girly or elaborate. it didn't hurt that it was on sale for 50% off and i had a coupon for another 25% off! i got 4 yards of high-quality fabric for under $25! i don't think B is too crazy about my choice, but he can't complain about the cost.

here's the before & after:

tips for reupholstering your ottoman:
  • don't just double check your measurements, triple or quadruple check them! i almost wasted nearly a yard of fabric, because i came *this* close to cutting one section a half an inch too short.
  • iron before and after you sew. to get accurate measurements, you need to make sure all the wrinkles are out. you also need to iron it after to give it a crisp look, making it look more professional.
  • only use actual upholstery fabric. cheaper fabrics are okay for throw pillows and such, but when you're upholstering a piece of furniture, you need a fabric that isn't going to wear quickly.
  • scotchgard is the your friend. take the time to prevent stains by spraying a coat of this stuff on there before using. it's not expensive and one can is enough for an entire couch.
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polycysticinside said...

Oh! I love the new ottoman cover!!! Any pictures with it by the couch? :) I'm sure it makes a big difference. That and a good rug and some other artwork. :)

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Love this..I need you to come to my house..seriously! And I totally added your name to the versatile blogger awards...what the heck was I thinking not having you on the list? I know..I write posts way to late at night!


DRMama said...

Wow, you are so handy!! It looks great! You inspire me to be more crafty... well you make me want to be more crafty... when will I actually start being more crazy is another thing!!

E and R said...

Love it! I can only wish to be so crafty!

SLESE1014 said...

Seriously I wish you lived closer to me or I lived closer to you....I would hire you in a heartbeat to help me out.....have an ottoman that's been dug out by the dogs and needs new casters on the bottom....My hubs is not a handy guy and I'm just not that handy....

As always, your work is beautiful!!!

Maria said...

totally cool and funky pattern...looks great with your yellow and white end table too! what an awesome deal...i have to send your page to my friend...she would love it :)
have a wonderful day, carlia!

Dandelion Breeze said...

You're very clever :) Love it :)) xo

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