Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mack's Favorite Things: Play Mat

i'm realizing, as i get more comfortable in my role as "mother", that there is a lot of baby gear out there that is completely overrated or overlooked. so, to help spread the word about the good, the bad, and the unnecessary, mack has agreed to try out some products for us and let us know what he thinks of them.

the first item on his list is his play mat from the FAO schwarz safari collection.

it features 6 different animals (lion, tiger, monkey, zebra, giraffe, & elephant) and a mirror hidden under a flap in the shape of leaves. the design is great for capturing babies' attention, even though two of the animals don't make the appropriate sounds. the zebra plays a fast-paced song (not too annoying, either) and the giraffe sounds like running water (what sound does a giraffe make, anyway?). each of the other animals makes the sound associated with them.

things mack likes:
  • it's easy to get the animals to make a sound. he doesn't have to hit or kick them very hard to get a response.
  • the mat is pretty thick, so he doesn't hurt himself on our hardwood floors when he throws his head forward when lost in his enthusiasm.
  • the bright colors and varying patterns are very exciting!
  • the animal heads are at the perfect level for kissing.
things mack doesn't like:
  • because of the electronic aspect of this mat, washing is difficult. (okay, maybe that's more of something mama doesn't like).
  • the mat is pretty small and easy to roll off of, so mama has to stay nearby to keep him on it.
the FAO schwarz safari play mat gets one & a half thumbs up!

the opinions expressed here belong entirely to mack & carlia. neither was compensated in any way.


Shannon said...

Awesome. As a mommy to a 7.5 month old, I will very much be interested in your "baby gear" assessments!


Rebecca said...

A great review! Definitely do more of these!

Bridget said...

That mat looks fun! I bet Emily would love it!

Maria said...

i've never seen a mat like this before...it's adorable. and i love that the animals make sounds.
mack is seriously beautiful. i want to give him a hug. :)

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