Thursday, May 3, 2012

Versatile is My Middle Name

okay, so it isn't really, but it totally could be, otherwise i wouldn't have gotten this awesome award. ;)

thank you to ashley over at flats to flip flops for the big pat on the back! *head over and show her some love. you might even learn a thing or two from this fashionable mommy.*'s time for me to share 7 deep, dark secrets - or maybe just some fun facts about me:
  1. i have a terrible memory (like can't remember why i walked into a room kind of terrible), except when it comes to useless information. i can remember random bits of trivia and verbatim lines from a movie, but i can't remember what i ate for supper last night.
  2. it's been 10 years since i moved away from texas and i'm losing my accent. it makes me really sad, because i loved my accent. i refuse to stop staying "y'all", though!
  3. i started drawing portraits when i was a teenager, but i haven't picked up a pencil in over a year. i really need to soon, though, because i want to do a portrait of mack.
  4. i'm addicted to buying scrapbook paper. i have TONS and i haven't even scrapbooked in a couple of years. hopefully i can get through a big chunk of it when i do mack's baby book...and with all of the awesome projects i have on my list.
  5. i watch way too much TV! my favorite shows right now are the big bang theory, the office, don't trust the b- in apt 23, new girl, and pretty much anything on bravo. technically, i'm not wasting time, because i'm usually working on a project while i watch. ;)
  6. i love mini-vacations. i'm too cheap to book a proper vacation, so weekends away are usually the way we go. there's just so much to see/do where we live that a weekend is a great way to fit it all in. plus, it's a fun way to surprise B sometimes. i can't wait till we go on our first weekend trip as a whole family.
  7. i kicked B out of the walk-in closet in the our bedroom. i didn't have enough room and there was a whole closet in the guest room that was not being utilized, so i "reassigned" his closet area. wasn't that nice of me? ;) he's such a good sport, though.
and for the nominees:
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Dandelion Breeze said...

Thank you so much... you're very sweet to nominate me :)) Will get onto posting my nominations asap :) Love to you always xoxo

DRMama said...

Aww thanks for nominating me!! :) I will be on that soon. Love your 7 fun facts. Now I just have to think of mine! Hmm...

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Love your facts! And my memory is fading fast as well.. blame it on the kids!

Maria said...

Haha, I kicked Steve out of the walk in closet too :)
I'm with you on the mini vacas. They are so refreshing and sometimes just the perfect amount of time! I wish I had a cute Texas it!
I loved reading your facts!
Thank you so much for the nomination!!

SLESE1014 said...

Thanks for the nod....I'll have to get on this soon...I just have to do some research on 15 blogs to nominate that everyone else hasn't already nominated :)

I love your 7 deep dark always have a way to make me smile!

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