Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Cheap Trick {Guest Post}

meet sarah! (one of the amazing bloggers i met through the better blogger network.) she is a UK blogger with a wonderful site that you should definitely check out! i'm so excited to share one of her awesome DIY tutorials! enjoy!

DIY How to: In-Car MP3 Holder
Hey there people – my name is Sarah and I blog over at A Cat-Like Curiosity. I blog about all kinds of things really – DIY projects, Monday Mantras, Etsy Lustings and many many more things. Basically whatever pops into my head.
I am so pleased to be able to do a guest post for Carlia at Nest Building 101. Carlia has asked me to share a DIY post with you guys, so here goes. I tried to come up with something a little unusual but also pretty and useful. Enjoy!!
You will need: felt, glue, needle and cotton, ribbon.
 1. Cut out your felt into the shape you like. I went for a simple blue and white flower shape. Glue your layers (I would recommend layers of felt in order to make it stronger and more durable).
2. Cut out two thin strips. These will become the mount for your MP3 player so it might be an idea to measure up first! Glue them to your basic felt shape. (I added one on the back as a place to hide the MP3 when not in use). Now leave your felt shape to dry for at least an hour.
3. Cut out four strips of ribbon. (These will attach the holder to your steering wheel).
 4. Sew two strips of ribbon together first of all on one end. Do the same with the remaining two strips.
5. Sew the two sets of two ribbons to the back of your shape on either side. You are now ready to decorate with sequins and anything else you might like!!
 6. Attach to your steering wheel with the ribbons and hook into place your MP3 player. Now you can change tracks on your MP3 player without worrying about accidentally crashing the car because you are looking the wrong way!!
A NOTE ON ATTACHING IT IN YOUR CAR: My MP3 player attaches to my stereo via a cassette adaptor. The cable for that is quite long, so there isn't an issue when driving the car. Just make sure your connecting cable (either via cassette or USB) is long enough and that it hangs down the front of the steering wheel not the back so it can't get caught up in the wheel.
I hope you've enjoyed this little DIY project. If you don't feel like making one but would like to have one made for you lovingly by me then head over to my Etsy store Sarah's Handmade Heaven. Feel free to pop over to my blog to say hello there too!!
Have a great day people!!

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Maria said...

omygoodness, what a brilliant idea! love handy and super cute too <3

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