Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Review: Chasing the Cyclone

chasing the cyclone: a novel inspired by a father's unending love for his son by peter thomas senese is a story centered around paul francesco, a successful, well-liked, and devoted father to his 7 year old son, alex.

after a visit to a dying friend, paul's world falls apart when he realizes he has missed a court date, which he had never been made aware of, in which his ex-wife D (which should stand for "devious") had filed for sole custody of alex. being portrayed as a dead-beat dad for not appearing, custody is granted and paul's world is turned upside down.

the marriage to D had been brief and ended when paul saw her for the gold-digger she was, but the result of the union was alex and losing custody of him was only the beginning of this edge-of-your-seat journey. in an effort to keep paul from seeing alex until he turned 18, D takes alex and flees, going from country to country, always a step ahead of paul.

without any possibility of help from the government, paul has to pool his own resources to go after his son, nearly exhausting his funds and himself.

inspired by his own experience (the most incredible thing about this book!), peter thomas senese takes the reader along on a roller-coaster campaign around the world to reunite a father and son, as well as gives a sort of crash course on international child abduction laws - something all parents should be aware of! chasing the cyclone is a culmination of excitement, terror, adventure, strength, determination, love, and family.

although a few parts of the story, namely those involving his business dealings, seemed a bit slow, the overall momentum of the book was not hindered and i found myself turning page after page, reading into the early hours. the lessons learned from both the experiences along the way and the examples of love and devotion exhibited in this book will stay with me forever.

this is a must read!


Kayla and Joshua said...

wow that sounds really really good! you make me want to read it now! :D

Maria said...

i've been looking for books to read and keep my mind busy.
thanks for sharing! sounds intense...i love stories about true experiences.

btw, love the photo of you and mack in the top's SO cute!!

maria <3

Pj Schott said...

Loved the review & the book!!

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