Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mack's Favorite Things: Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

the second item on mack's list is the boon squirt baby food dispensing spoon.

one word: GENIUS!

the first time i saw my friend using this little contraption with her baby a year ago, i swore i would buy one for mack when he arrived and i'm so glad i did! in fact, i bought three!

basically, this handy gadget acts as bowl and spoon at the same time. you fill the bulb of it with the baby food of your choice, screw on the spoon, and you're ready to feed!

things mack likes:
  • it releases air easily, so that the bulb doesn't go flat from suction.
  • it's dishwasher safe (on the top rack) and easy to clean, because it's a nonstick surface.
  • it comes in fabulous colors that match the colors in his nursery perfectly. ;)
  • one handed feeding! it is the perfect solution for grabby babies, because it allows mama to keep his hands under control.
  • it's easy to squeeze, which is surprising with how thick the material is.
  • the spoons have covers that make transporting them while filled easy.

things mack doesn't like:
  • the spoon is a little big for him, so it can get messy.
  • you have to squeeze slowly, otherwise it spurts and sprays a little bit of food.
  • the spoon covers are kind of tough to snap on.
the aftermath of mack's first experience with eating from a spoon

especially after having compared this particular spoon to another brand, the boon squirt baby food dispensing spoon gets two thumbs way up!

the opinions expressed here belong entirely to mack & carlia. neither was compensated in any way.


Stephanie said...

I've never heard of these or seen them in the store. What a brilliant idea! If I thought Chloe was going to be eating baby food much longer, I'd go out and get one, but I'll for sure have to remember this for baby #2. Love all the colors too!

Kayla and Joshua said...

so glad i wasn't born 100 years ago. this is a beyond amazing invention! so glad you and mack both love it!

Shannon said...

I'll be honest, I've seen these things in stores and I haven't found the need to get one. I think you may have changed my mind. Especially since Taylor is getting SO grabby lately!


I'm having an AWESOME giveaway at my blog right now!

Maria said...

what an awesome idea!! i'm saving it to my favorites.

could mack get any cuter?! omygoodness, i want to hug and squeeze him. :)

have a sweet day, my friend!

bonbon said...

I'm going to a baby shower next week and you just gave me the perfect gift idea! It's crazy because as someone without kids I would never think about how many things like this make raising a kid so much easier. When I get preggo I'll definitely have to come to you for the scoop on everything I need! I just found your blog and have loved looking around and getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

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