Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mom Jeans

i have a confession...i am one of those moms. you know the moms who completely let themselves go, who don't put on make-up or fix their hair, who don't buy clothes for themselves anymore? yup, that's the kind of mom i've become.

i am kicking myself over this sad state, because i always swore that when i had kids i would still take pride in my appearance. i promised myself that i would never leave the house without make-up on or in a stained t-shirt. well, i've broken all my rules and there's no excuse for it.

maybe it's the fact that i'm without my husband during the week, so i don't feel like i have anyone to impress. maybe it's that i'm getting spit-up on daily. maybe it's that i'm tired.

honestly, i think it's because i've put myself on the back-burner. did you know i haven't cut my hair in 6 months? or that the maxi dresses i blogged about were the first articles of clothing i've bought myself since before christmas? and don't get me started on how long it's been since i've gotten any new jewelry (costume, even) or shoes (besides running shoes)!

my wardrobe is in a sad state and i don't know where to begin. i need a fashion intervention STAT!

i think i've been in denial about this, but my 100 day challenge has gotten me thinking more about myself and the way i feel about me.

i think it all boils down to the fact that i'm not comfortable in my own skin. i don't feel like myself, with the weight gain during the fertility treatments then a long period of inactivity. my clothes don't fit the way they used to and that is depressing. it certainly doesn't help that i pull my hair into a bun or ponytail everyday to avoid getting spit-up in it or having it pulled. neither does the fact that my make-up rarely gets brought out during the week or how tired i am because i stay up till 2am because i hate going to bed by myself so i put it off as long as i possibly can. (vent much?)

i think i'm in a funk. anybody wanna go shopping with me?


Shannon said...

Ohhhh - I could have written this exact post. I'm so in the same boat as you.

Yes! Let's go shopping. And get haircuts. And buy new makeup.

Thanks for the healthy reminder.

Dip and Chip said...

Oh, Carlia! Don't be sad. I'm sure you're not the only Mother in the world to feel like you do right now! And I'm sure it won't last forever - just think, you wouldn't want one of those lovely maxi dresses being spit up on, so when the time comes where you can actually wear them, you'll feel GREAT! I'd come shopping with you if I could! x

Bridget said...

For some reason I saw this on Twitter but not Blogger! I agree, I'd love to go shopping!

Bridget said...

None of my old clothes fit me either and I'm the same weight as I was before I had Emily. Somehow everything shifted and isn't shifting back. I will so go shopping with you!

Jessica said...

This could have been my post!!! I just had my second baby six weeks ago, and I can't fit into anything but yoga pants... I almost feel guilty when I buy something for myself, like there are so many other things I should spend money on but myself, like the kids or something for the house, or I should save it. I know it is because I hate the way my body looks right now, so why should I have nice clothes?! Ugh, very sad.. Time to change the attitude!

J o s e y said...

I feel the same way! I looked in my closet last weekend and thought about how pitiful it is. I've bought 2 new shirts since Stella was born, both nursing friendly for lunch breaks from work, amd that is it in the past year at least. It's pathetic. Add to that a few extra pounds so half the wardrobe doesn't fit, amd yeah...sad. we need a shopping trip ASAP!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

I do! Pick me, pick me! Girl, we all have times in our lives like these. I swear it takes me a year to get back into the swing of life after having a baby! Baby steps! And it sounds like you are on your way with the 100 day challenge..cheering you on from the sidelines!

DandelionBreeze said...

Would looooveee to go shopping with you... sorry to hear that you're feeling in a funk. I vowed I wouldn't be one of those mums either... but it's kind of inevitable that we let it slip a little... then always fun to try getting it back with a little shopping - enjoy :) xoxo

Nate and Lori said...

Girl, I wish I was there to go shopping with you because I need it bigtime too. Im feeling like the frumpy mom too right now. And I hear you on the fertility weight not cool. Oh the things we do for our kids.

Sheryl said...

Come to Phoenix; there is great shopping here!! I tell everyone my wardrobe needs a change every three months with the kids between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 yrs apart, my sizes are always changing. You have the cutest style and I'm sure it's just a temporary funk.

Maria said...

You would be a blast to shop with! You've got awesome style, know where to find the deals and unique pieces!
I say you treat yourself to a fun "treasure hunt." You deserve it!
I remember one of your posts last was powerful and so were getting over tough times and wrote about getting dressed up and feeling pretty and taking on the day!

You're gorgeous, Carlia!

And the mom jeans pic made me smile. :)

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