Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obsession Confession

with B gone during the week and a baby with a very regular sleep schedule, i have a lot of time to myself in the evenings. here are some of my favorite ways to fill the time and pamper myself...


downton abbey

obsession is putting it mildly! actually, this one is for both myself & B. we rented the 1st season and loved it so much we immediately ordered both seasons on blu-ray. actually buying movies, let alone a tv series, is a huge deal for us!


   maxi dresses

   not only are these THE most comfortable dresses, they're super
   flattering and trendy! my favorite thing about them is that they
   are so easy to wear, but always look chic. (i bought the middle
   dress from rue 21 for $24.99!)


junk TV

i have to admit to being hooked on the over the top, drama-filled reality TV. B says it's because i crave drama in my own life, but i think it's more because the people on these shows make me feel more normal. plus, who can take their eyes off a train wreck? ;)

neon trees

i fell in love with this band the first time i heard their song "animal" and i am loving their new stuff even more! the funny thing about this is that B was going through facebook and friending guys from back in the day and when he was catching up with one of them (branden campbell), he realized he's the bass player for the band! how crazy is that?

follow me!


i seriously don't know why i fought joining for so long. i'm still learning the lingo, but i'm loving it there! it's a great way to network quickly and efficiently, as well as meet up with other bloggers with similar interests, thanks to the recommendations from twitter. follow me there!

better blogger network

Visit Better Blogger Network

i can't tell you how many amazing blogs i've found through this site that i would probably never have found on my own. plus, thanks to the wonderful connections i've made here, i've increased my followers, improved my stats, become a sponsored blog, and lined up several guest posts that are coming soon! if you're serious about blogging, or just want to find new blogs to read/branch out, head on over there and join. it's a quickly growing community and there's something for everyone!

what are you obsessed with?


riana. said...

I've heard some really good things about downton abbey but I still really don't know what it's about, I'll have to google that.

Love maxi dresses, sad part is I actually don't have one.

Bridget said...

I am all about junk TV too, terrible but I can't stop. I will have to check out Downtown Abbey. And yes to maxi dresses! I got a super cute one at target the other day!

Shane said...

I agree with you on the maxi dresses and am really enjoying BBN! The only one I can't realte to is twitter, I don't have one. Considering getting one just for blogging purposes! Hope you are having a lovely week :)

xo Shane

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