Monday, June 18, 2012

Pic Tip #5

pic tip #5: how to take amazing landscape shots

i love how raw emotion can be captured in a photo
(taken in central TX when i was 15)

i usually focus my photography on people, but every now and then i like to branch out and go in search of the perfect landscape shot. the thing i love most about landscapes is that anyone with any camera can take a fantastic picture, plus they make great pieces of artwork for the home. there's something to be said for having artwork hanging on your walls that you created yourself. not to mention that having them blown up and fitting them into a thrift store vintage frame is so much cheaper than buying someone else's artwork and gives you such a sense of pride...but i digress.

back to the pic tip...

the biggest mistake most people (when i say most people, i mean me) make when taking landscape pics is not paying attention to the details. you see something pretty and you just snap the pic, but there's more to it than that.

there are 3 things i focus on when shooting landscapes: composition, lighting, and angles. when you're setting up to take your shot, you want to look for that something special that gives it visual interest, adding dimension and setting it apart from all the others.

to keep this simple, let's break it down to a few basic things you can look for when shooting landscapes:



















now that you have a some basic areas to focus on when shooting landscapes, that should give you a great foundation to start from. you don't need a fancy camera (as long as your pixel ratio is decent) or expensive editing software to take fantastic landscape photos! all you need is an eye for it and a sense of your own personal style!

also, if you haven't already, stop by three years down to enter the give-away, where i'm offering a set of 11x14 landscape prints while there's still time!


lissa said...

i do think sometimes it's also your own instinct that gets a great photo but great tips.

alimartell said...

Gosh. Your photos are lovely. I mostly stick to people too...because I always feel like landscape shots are boring...but yours aren't! They are so nice!

Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse said...

Your photos are beautiful, Carlia! Thanks for sharing some tips.

Cate said...

Landscape photography has never been my strong point! you should be so proud of yourself! I would be if I took any of those above photos! They are great!

Shannon said...

Like you, I'm more about photographing people, but I do love a good landscape photo.

I was just out in the county last weekend, I should have focused on more than just my baby. Oh well...

Maria said...

Ohh, I loved these tips!! AND your photos! Amazing, the one you took in Texas...and @ 15!! I love scenery shots. Thank you for sharing!
I hope your Tuesday is a great one!
Maria said...

So beautiful! U are so talented@ :) Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I wish I could be a hand model haha! :)

Oh hello, Love said...

Wow! Those photos are stunning. I generally stick to portrait photography but this definitely has me thinking about landscapes. Thanks for the inspiration and tips!

Brittany TYD said...

These are all so gorgeous! I'll try to remember these tips next time I'm just willy nilly snapping pictures.

taradawes said...

Amazingly beautiful pictures - seeing stuff like this makes me really want to update my cruddy digital camera I've had for years.

Sara S said...

Stopping by from ICLW, have a great trip & these pictures are great! Love them!

Brittany said...

Holy crud-ola! Those are tips I've known for a while, but you still take much better photos than I. Great eye! Absolutely stunning.

Rochelle said...

What beautiful pictures! You have some serious talent lady!

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