Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Cheap Trick

remember this old goodwill find?

well, yesterday it got a make-over!

i had what i thought was a brilliant idea. here's what i did...

i painted the frame green (remember how it was solid wood? score!).
i pulled the pages from an old advanced reading copy of a book that i didn't care for.
i used my silhouette SD to create my own alphabet stencils out of cardstock (you can use a regular stencil, though).
i used an exacto knife to cut around the stencils onto the book pages.
i didn't have any posterboard, so i just spray painted that outdated picture that originally came from the frame (after making sure it was just an old mass print that wasn't worth anything) to give me a white background.
i used glue dots (so that the thin book page letters wouldn't get that wrinkled look that glue can sometimes cause) to adhere the alphabet to the white background.
i hung it in mack's room...

the pic makes the letters look washed out, but they show up really well in person

and voila! brand new artwork for practically free!

my cost:

frame: $5 (it was marked at $7, but they were having a sale)
spray paint: $0, because it was left over from another project
stencils: $0, because i already had the paper on hand
book pages: $0, because the book was an advanced reading copy

total: $5

that's just how i roll. :)


Fiona aka DRMama said...

I wish I had your talent, patience and ability to find awesome things for really cheap and do awesome things with them!! This turned out so well! :)

Shannon said...

awesome. and a total original too! :)

SLESE1014 said...

I wish I had your creativity....I would have probably just stared at that frame wondering what I was going to do with it....I seriously lack in the creative area....

Maria said...

ahhh, i love it!! that green is awesome! i always love alphabet need your own lil' shop, carlia! <3

The Students Wife said...

Cute!!! I love this idea. Way creative

I'm your newest follower, can't wait to see more

Bridget said...

Ok so I'm going to need you to come here, thrift shop with me, and decorate baby #2's nursery!

Sarah said...

Wow. This is AWESOME :)

Sheryl said...

Really Cute! Love.

Sarah @ Simply Dove said...

Such a cute idea! I could definitely pull this one off. I love the color of green you chose too. Bright colors make me happy! :)

Brittany said...

That turned out really cute!! I LOVE my silhouette!!
I'm your newest follower!

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