Friday, July 6, 2012

A Blog How-To {Guest Post}

while i'm off gallivanting across the country, kim from a blackbird's epiphany is taking over for the day with a great post about pic links. take it away, kim!

   Hey there! I'm Kim, from A Blackbird's Epiphany, and I'm here to share with you a couple of blogging tips. I'm going to focus on pictures this time, because it's something that niggles at me. Pictures are important, and I'm sure you've heard it many times, but after adding LinkWithin to my blog, the importance of pictures has become more obvious. However, this isn't a post to preach about the importance of pictures, it's to correct an issue that bothers me as a frequent blog reader. Sure, I can sleep at night, regardless, but it still makes my viewing and reading experience a little distracting. What's my problem? Links. Namely, pictures of products from Etsy and the like with irrelevant image links.
   Now, perhaps it's just because I'm used to browsing Etsy and clicking pictures to view the listings, but it's something that gets to me. When a blog does a lovely feature - or perhaps only includes a single image of a single product out of the blue - and some of the products appeal to me, I tend to click them, assuming they'll take me to the listing.
   More often than not, though, these images are links, but they don't send me where I want to go. They send me to a black screen where the only thing in the dark void is the picture I just clicked on, taunting me, laughing at me. Dramatic? Maybe. And there's usually a written link beneath it to direct me to the item, anyway, but it's a little bit more trouble, isn't it? Sure, I click the link and I'm satisfied, but there is another way to do it, which will also help save people with snail paced internet the frustration of clicking a useless link.
   This also helps to prevent copying and the like. You can upload a big image, if you can't be bothered or forget to resize it, and no one will be able to download the full large-scale version

   If you're posting a picture which doesn't need to be viewed any larger, remove the link. Please. It's quite simple to do. Below is a screenshot of a blog post that consists only of two pictures (though I've left these images as links for larger views). I've separated unnecessary information with spaces, so that everything highlighted in blue is the image HTML. Disregard everything else.

   In the first of the two images, I'm removing the link. The picture will still be there when I'm done, but when the image is hovered over, no tempting little clicky button will present itself.
   The highlighted text below is the link part. It begins at <a href=" and ends at ">, then also includes the </a> at the end of the whole thing.

   Remove all that is highlighted, so that all is left begins with <img and ends with />. Jumping back to the "compose" tab, the images are still present, and still in their original state - these links were never visible in the composing stage of the post, only once it is actually live on the blog will the links be obvious, and it can really make blogs seem untidy.

   Moving onto the second image, assuming I want this image to link to another page, I highlight the entire URL, as below, and paste in its place the link I wish the image to direct to.

   It's no good "previewing" the post because links are never active in blogger's preview - and if you're not using blogger, don't worry, this is standard HTML. And sometimes those little "margin-left: 1em" doesn't appear, they're nothing to worry about, they just add a little padding. I usually remove them myself, anyway.
   Once the post is live, you'll be greeted with your images either with correct links, or no links at all, as below:

   They won't appear side by side, however, they'll appear one beneath the other. For a quick tutorial on how to get them side by side as above, see here.

   I hope this helps some of you make your blogs a little more linear. It's perfectly easy to disregard something like this and continue to use written links beneath the images, but for someone so used to online shopping and image links, it can be a little frustrating, especially if internet is slow.

   It's been a pleasure to blog on Nest Building 101, and I'm still going with my 100 Day Challenge as best as I can!


Sarah Evans said...

I will definitely be checking out the putting two pictures side by side guide. That always annoys me that I can't do that!!

I always remove my image links in blogger when creating a post. Just click on the picture, click on the little blue Link button at the top and bag! The Link is gone!!


Maria said...

thank you so much for sharing this awesome tip! i have always wondered how bloggers do it. :)

and carlia, if you're reading, i'm thinking about you and hope utah is AMAZING!! <3

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