Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bringing Back a Bunch of Freebies!

last year, when we were planning mack's arrival, i put together an assortment of digital artwork for the nursery. my long time readers will probably remember these, but i thought it would be great to bring them back for your viewing/downloading enjoyment. :)

feel free to download and print, but if you use them on your blog, be sure to link back. :)


Fiona aka DRMama said...

Love these and remember thinking how perfectly they match Alidia's room which is a similar green, blue and dark orangey colour (we were told we were having a boy although we think it works for either now). Thanks for sharing again! :)

Sarah Evans said...

I love these - they are so precious and lovely.

Can I ask a potentially rude question? What program/equipment do you use to make these with?


Stephanie said...

Gorg! Love the colors!

Bridget said...

ok what would it take to get some custom prints for Emily and the new baby's room? Pretty please?? You need to sell these on etsy girl.

Maria said...

you are sooo stinkin' talented! omygosh, the birds are too cute. and the colors you used - some of my favorites! you need your own shop! you do! :)
happy august, carlia! <3

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