Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nearly Lost Love

grandpa johnny and grandma lola had 9 children, including my grandma, audrey (my mom's mom), and her younger sister ruby.

audrey and ruby lived in a small texas town where everybody knew everybody and they had their eyes on a pair of brothers, woody and harlan. of course, it was no surprise that woody and harlan were equally smitten.

the two couples, woody & audrey and harlan & ruby, soon became exclusive, courting as only well-bred southern couples did in those days. so, it was all the more scandalous when harlan was seen with another girl in town, a girl with a less than desirable reputation, at that!

ruby was heartbroken when word got to her and she cried on her mother's shoulder. lola comforted her, reassuring her that all would be well.

and grandma lola was right! harlan came back to ruby, professing his love and his intention to marry her. she was eager to take him back and become his wife, knowing that he was the only one she ever wanted to be with.

audrey & woody
grandma lola, who had approved of harlan before the rumors started flying, refused to welcome him back, let alone marry her daughter. "no boy who would be seen with a girl like that will ever be allowed to be with my daughter," she said emphatically.

and so the two were separated, kept apart, forced to move on.

audrey and woody got married when she was just 18, and ruby and harlan got married, too, but not to each other.

the years passed. children were born and raised. lives were lived. heartache was felt...especially when both ruby and harlan each found themselves widowed in their early 60s.

as luck would have it, fate led them back together (or maybe audrey & woody had something to do with it). harlan and ruby found themselves face to face and just as in love with each other as they had been in their teens.

they quickly married and stayed married for 12 years, until harlan passed away only 9 days before his older brother, my grandpa woody, in 1999. ruby and harlan always said that it was the best 12 years of their lives. in fact, just before harlan passed, he told ruby "you were the one i was supposed to marry in the first place."

ruby and audrey are still going strong today and their love for those brothers is too.


Pamela said...

That is a sweet story. My mother in law and her sister married brothers - so my husband has a very small family - but they were all very close. The brothers died within 6 days of each other - both with cancer. The sisters are still alive and well - but neither ever remarried.

Sarah said...

I know I said it with the last love story post, but I LOVE THESE :)

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Aww... how sweet!!

And I had a Granny-Great (that's what we called my grandpa's mom) named Ruby. That name hols a special place in my heart and hopefully I can pass it on to a little girl of mine one day.

What a sweet story you shared, thank you! :)

Stephanie said...

I love love stories like this! You have some great ones that you've been sharing this week!


It took me forever to find the comment button!
I didn't know your Grandma's name was Audrey! I just know her as Grandma C...

Maria said...

I love stories of people brought back together. Gosh, you really put us all there with your words, carlia. And I love the photo - so cute!
I hope you are having a nice night!

Sam @ said...

what a wonderful story!

Valerie said...

Incredible story! I teared up a little. Thank you so much for sharing these!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Another lovely story (I am reading some of this in the wrong order as I missed them earlier this week)! You certainly have some beautiful love stories in your family! :)

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