Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Pic Tip {Guest Blogger}

i got home last night and, boy, do i have a lot to fill y'all in on. but, first thing's first...as much as i may dread it...i have to unpack and get everything back to normal. blah! i promise to be back tomorrow with...drumroll please...the jewelry giveaway (for reaching 200 GFC followers) i've been teasing y'all about! i know, i know...try to contain your excitement. ;)

anyway, my need to do laundry also means y'all are in for a treat! i have one more incredible guest blogger and you're not going to want to miss this one. so, veronica armstrong, one very talented photographer, is taking over for the day. take it away, veronica...

Never miss a shot with these 5 photography tips.

The light is perfect. Your house is spotless. The kids are hugging.
But where is your camera?
You rush around the house. Thrashing about like a maniac in search of your camera bag. Finally!
You found it!
It's too late. Junior has moved on from snuggling his sister to poking the dog with a stick. The moment is gone.

If you're a photography enthusiast you know exactly how frustrating this scenario is. The shot that could've been but never was because you weren't prepared. Not anymore. Never miss a shot again with these five tips.  

1. Give your camera a home: Pick a safe (out of reach from children and/or pets) spot for your camera and leave it there. Always. Finding your camera will eventually become as natural to you as finding the fridge. You won't have to even think about it. It's there when you need it.
2. Mind your settings: Always make sure that your camera is ready to go by resetting your settings after each shoot. Most of us spend a decent amount of time with our cameras inside our homes. We know the light and have preferred shooting locations. Set your ISO, white balance, aperture, and shutter speed accordingly so you aren't fumbling around with settings when a surprise photo opportunity pops up. I keep my camera at ISO, auto white balance, f 2.2, and adjust my shutter speed accordingly depending on what I'm shooting/which lens is on the camera.
3. Wipe it down: And by "it" I mean you, the kids, and your home. My home and kids aren't always spotless and photo shoot ready but I make a decent effort at keeping their faces clean and surfaces clutter free. It's not easy but it too becomes second nature. I'm a minimalist and it has served me well as a photographer. I don't usually have busy backgrounds to contend with but I do know the challenge. We currently live in student housing and I've had to get creative. Baskets, under the bed storage, and closets are my best friend. Move what you can and clean what you can't. Of course a few smudges on the coffee table won't ruin a great shot but it's always nice to avoid it if you can.  
4. Remain neutral: Don't judge me, but I totally choose my kids clothes based on photo appeal. I try to stick to neutral palettes and timeless clothes when possible. My kids don't own many articles of clothing with cartoon characters or crazy patterns on them. Super trendy or character covered clothes appear dated in photographs. It's not a huge deal but I like to avoid it when I can. It doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Check out the GapKids & Carters outlets. Keep an eye on Zulilly too. Stock up when there's a sale. Same goes for your home furnishings. Nothing fancy. Just keep in mind that your Bieber poster might not look so hot in the background. Be mindful of your surroundings and when in doubt throw it out (or at least hide it under the bed).
 5. Relax: Don't sweat the missed shots too much. You will be presented with thousands of beautiful moments to capture throughout your lifetime. Relax and keep practicing. You'll get there if you keep working. Not every shot has to be technically perfect. It just has to be perfect to you.

Here are some cute shots I was able to capture using the tips above:


veronica armstrong blogVeronica Armstrong is a stay at home mother, freelance writer, and blogger.She lives with her husband and two small children in Cornell University graduate student housing while her husband studies for his MBA. She blogs at VeronicaArmstrong.com about her family’s adventures and life as an MBA wife.
Veronica is also a hobbyist photographer that likes to express herself through captures of her ordinary and beautifully hectic life. She loves the challenge of finding beauty where others have overlooked it. Maple bacon donuts bring her unbridled joy and coffee is her best friend. Check her out at @veronicatheblog & veronicaarmstrong.com.


Fiona aka DRMama said...

Great tips and beautiful photos/kids!! :) Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

welcome home, carlia!! <3
good luck with the laundry and have a nice night settling in.

veronica, you are so talented. your photos are so crisp and pretty. and your children are beautiful! thank you for sharing your tips with us!


Brittany TYD said...

What adorable little kiddos!! :)

82ae9fb8-1da2-11e2-8b18-000bcdcb8a73 said...

I admit I am really no good at taking pictures. But I adore your great talent. The hugging kids is totally a perfect capture for me.


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