Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Young Love

i remember my great grandmother vividly. she was a tiny woman with coke bottle thick glasses that remind me of professor trelawney from harry potter. she spoke softly and always wanted to give us things when we came to visit.

but until recently, i never knew that my sweet 95 year old great grandmother had been a bit of a spitfire growing up.

she and my great grandfather were teenagers when they fell in love. they wanted so desperately to get married, but were forbidden.

that wasn't going to stop her, though! young lola and johnny rigged the wagon, harnessed the horses (this was texas in the late 1800s, mind you), and headed for the next county over.

when they found the home of a local minister, johnny hopped down, knocked on the door, and explained their plight. the minister, sympathetic to their situation, agreed to marry them right then and there. and so it happened, sitting in the wagon, holding hands, wearing their everyday clothes, with the minister standing beside the wagon, they were married.

apparently, grandpa johnny's dad wasn't too excited about the prospect of marrying his children off in general. a few years later, he refused to give persmission to johnny's younger sister, lucy, to marry her beau, jack.

she was heartbroken, wanting nothing more than to be with him...but leave it to lola to come up with a plan. she knew they were having a large family get-together soon, which would be the perfect cover to slip lucy out to run away with jack.

all of the younger members of the family sided with lucy and wanted to help. so, lola arranged for them to make a bit of a ruckus outside, to keep her father occupied and out of the house.

with everyone congregated in the front yard, lucy passed her things to lola through a back window then climbed out herself. she hugged lola tightly, gathered her few belongings, and ran as fast as she could to meet her love just beyond the hill.

lucy's father sensed something was wrong, so he quickly counted his children among him, noting that he was missing one. lucy! where was lucy?

he searched the yard, finding nothing, then the house. he had just missed her; she had barely slipped past him.

"where is lucy?" he demanded.

"she's gone. she's with jack. they're getting married," lola fearlessly informed her father-in-law.

"well, if they've eloped, they can keep on going...to hell and three miles past!" he declared.

his heart did eventually soften toward them. he could see how much lucy and jack loved each other, as well as johnny and lola, and that was all he ever really wanted for them anyway. both couples lived long, happy lives, married well beyond 50 years each. they had many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. and so their legacy of love continues...

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Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

What a sweet story! I loved hearing stories from my grandparents.

Sarah said...

Aww I love reading these love stories! :)

Cate said...

I am a hopeless romantic and love love stories!!

mare ball said...

wow, we don't spend time thinking that our grandparents were once young and in love, but it's sweet to realize that they were. Yours had quite the adventure!

Elle said...

This is a gorgeous story. Love Elle xo

DandelionBreeze said...

What a beautiful story... love and determination must be in your genes :)) Thinking of you always xoxo

Maria said...

It is so awesome to hear stories from our parents and grandparents. I loved when my nani would tell stories of meeting my pop pop. Everything seemed even more romantic back then. :) this was such a beautiful story.

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