Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Year Supply of Trident Gum Giveaway!

trident recently launched a new campaign called "see what unfolds". it's actually pretty cool, because they brought together DJ steve aoki and duran duran to collaborate on a new version of duran duran's hit song "hungry like the wolf" that sounds amazing!

check out the video:


i wasn't sure i'd like the new version of the song, because collaborations like that can be tricky, especially when you put such opposites together, but it turned out great (i am dying to add it to my running playlist!).

the way the two distinctly different sounds came together reminded me of my all-time favorite collaboration - "carol of the bells" by metallica & the trans siberian orchestra. i could seriously listen to that song all year round, not just at christmas. another great one is "stan" by eminem and dido, as well as "the saints are coming" by U2 & green day and "under pressure" by queen & david bowie. (i know, i have ridiculously eclectic taste in music!)

you know who i'd really like to see come together? this may sound odd, but linkin park & karmin. how awesome would they sound together?!?

anyway, they sent me a box of tropical twist flavored trident to try out. first of all, YUM! secondly, i now have amazing breath! i was chewing a piece when B got home from work today. he gave me a hug and a kiss then said "is that your breath?" i was just waiting for him to point out the fact that it was obvious that i had eaten leftover pizza & garlic sticks for lunch. instead he said "it smells amazing." (i can count on 1 hand the number of times he's told me i have good breath. he has a really sensitive nose. ha ha!) i've also added it to my gym bag, because i love to chew fruity gum while i work out. (it helps me to not feel parched.) :)

and here's where you can benefit from this campaign:

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

*i was given a product sample, but no compensation for this post. all opinions stated are completely and utterly my own.

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lkmear said...

Even though it's impossible, I'd love to see a collaboration of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble.

Kayla and Joshua said...

I've always enjoyed yellowcard and relient k, i'm trying to think what they both would sound like together..

Chelsea said...

I loved Jason Aldean and Ludacris... not going to lie ;)

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

so lame i know but i loved the Backstreet boys with New kids on the block concert! Was on of the best nights ever! lol i felt like a 12 yr old again!!

Kari said...

Jason Aldean and Ludacris...fo sho!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one, Chelsea :) Thanks for the giveaway, Carlia!!

Daily Woman (Lacey) said...

I agree with every else Jason Aldean and Ludacris.

Sandy said...

Duran Duran with anyone! Love them!!!

LauraJJ said...

Oh one of my favs is Mick Jagger and David Bowe singing Dancing In The Street.
landfjacobson @ charter.net

KrysR said...

Run DMC and Aerosmith Walk This Way

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