Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Chloe!

today i'm linking up to wish chloe a very happy first birthday!

couldn't you just eat her up?!? she is the cutest thing ever and has such a sweet mom! stephanie is an infertility survivor, an incredible mom, and a wonderful friend. she blogs over at blawnde's blawg and is always so supportive and sweet. there is no one more deserving of such a precious little girl. so, please hop on over and show chloe and her mom some birthday love!

to chloe,

i hope you have the best birthday, even if you won't remember it. ;) i hope you get to stuff those adorable cheeks with cake and get so many presents that you're completely spoiled rotten!

to stephanie,

thank you for just being you. your honesty and openness in your blogging is inspiring and your thoughtfulness and support to others (myself included) is an example to us all (especially to me). you are truly a wonderful, beautiful person inside and out. if only the world were filled with more people like you!

i'm sending you both the biggest virtual hug ever! :) i hope this is a special day for your entire family and that it just keeps getting better and better!



Stephanie said...

Ok you win, you got the tears flowing!! Thank you for such kind words, and we definitely feel the love coming through the blogosphere today!

Maria said...

Chloe IS adorable! Omygoodness, that photo...that pink highchair and cake...too cute!
Happy Birthday to her and Congratulations to her mom and dad!

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