Friday, August 3, 2012

Peace of Mind {& a GIVEAWAY}

today i'm doing my first sponsor spotlight post and we're starting it big, because cate from with a touch of pretty is also guest posting and hosting a giveaway (cuz you can do that when you get a large ad on NB101 ;) )! cate is amazing and is one of my new favorite blogs to read. i know you're going to love her, so let's introduce her...

a little bit about cate: I am Oregonian who was set up on a blind date with a dangerously attractive Idahoan. We fell in love got married and had two cute little Utahn's!

(now, for a random question) if your life was a movie, who would play the part of you?: If someone were to play me in a movie it would definitely have to be my identical twin sister would be the most believable!

take it away cate!

Putting a Price Tag on Peace of Mind

Hello There my name is Cate from With a Touch of Pretty I am captivated by pretty things and a lover of life. My husband is the silent sexy type...just the way I like em' we have two sweet babies together and recently moved to utah.  Oh, and I have an identical twin sister named Candi. 
Before I became a mother, my older sister mentioned to me "You haven't experienced guilt or worrying until you experienced motherhood."  Whatever could she mean? Me and my worrywart personality quickly found out! 

Can you buy peace of mind? You betcha!! 
Below are the three products that I consider peace of mind with a price tag. I love them.
This is for every mother that wakes up frantically just to make sure their child is breathing. 
The Angel Care sleep monitor is the answer to those mothers prayer. You simply place a sensor under the mattress and an alarm will set off if the baby stops breathing. When my sweet Wynnie was two weeks old we actually had the alarms go off. I had never seen The Husband move so fast! She was in a deep slumber and her color returned as soon as we picked her up! As terrifying as that experience was I was so grateful to have the monitor in place! Love it!

Next the Halo sleep sacks solve the blanket dilemma! My two-year-old sleeps with this one. I never worry about him kicking off the covers and little lady sleeps with this one. Gone are the days of worrying about anything covering her face. Love that. That folks really is peace of mind!

Last but not least the nosefrida "Snot Sucker" it looks and sounds gross but after one use you will seriously will be hooked! It works so well! Go ahead and throw you old bulb syringe away you will never want to go back!! 

Thanks Carlia for letting me guest post! It was so fun!

now, all of my lovely readers, you're in luck, because cate is giving away one of her favorite baby items! the winner will get the choice of either a halo sleep sack or a nosefrida nasal aspirator! there are lots of ways to enter, so get to it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


lkmear said...

What a great guest post. There were some products I'd never heard of. Will definitely have to look into these. Thanks!

Ashley said...

Thanks for working With A Touch of Pretty to host a giveaway! Happy Friday!

Krystal said...

Great giveaway! I have the Angelcare monitor -- haven't used it yet since the little one isn't here yet -- but glad to see it got such a positive review! :)

Sweetheart Diary said...

Hi Carlia, great giveaway and great blog! Visited through BNN.
Your babies are so sweet!

Hope you will stop by at my blog, say hi and follow.

Lory said...

Love the guest post. The Angelcare Monitor is my favorite peace of mind ever.

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