Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pic Tip #6

i've gotten several emails from readers asking for a post about taking baby pics, so here it is!

pic tip #6: how to take better baby pics

every picture of your child is precious, there's no doubt about that, but are they all frame-worthy? not so much. here are some tips and tricks to help you turn those snapshots of your little one into artwork.

first, turn off your flash. remember that pic tip about lighting? it's time to bring in what you learned there. get to know your camera (even point-and-shoots have some amazing capabilities these days), but if you aren't comfortable with using the manual settings, at least explore the settings on your dial. you know that one of the little person in a box? that's for portraits. now would be a good time to use it.

now that you've figured out how to turn off your flash, you need to find the right naturally lit setting. with babies, i usually shoot indoors, so i recommend finding a room with a big window. you don't want to shoot when the sun is streaming directly in, but make sure it's well lit.

next, and this is key, get down to your baby's level. i mean this literally. shooting from above makes for a fine snapshot for the family picture album, but getting down on the floor/bed/whatever you've decided to use for your set will help you get more professional looking shots.

zoom in...a lot. here's a little secret for you, that little picture of a flower on your camera's dial is your macro setting. this setting is for close-ups of flowers, etc., but it works for babies, too. why do you want to get in close, you ask? for artistic perspective. some of the best baby photography i've seen has been close ups of just the hand, foot, or even ear of a baby. tip: these pics are easiest to take when the baby is sleeping. edited in black & white, these pics look like pure artwork, so it's time to bring in what you learned about editing your black & white pics here.

when it comes to clothes, less is more. this statement has never been more untrue for adults, but when it comes to babies you want to capture their chubby arms and dimpled thighs and clothes just don't make that possible. i recommend buying a diaper cover (i crocheted mine, but you can purchase various types on sites like etsy). long live the diaper shot!

don't stress about crying babies. some of the cutest, funniest pics of babies are when they're crying or pouting. you want to document all the faces and emotions of your little one, not just when she's happy.

posing babies can be difficult, so i recommend letting them do what feels natural. propping them up against the arm of the couch is probably not going to be comfortable for him if he hasn't learned to sit up yet. choose your backdrop (or set one up using this pic tip) and bring your baby in. if she hasn't learned to sit yet, lay her down and let her settle in. if she has learned to sit, set her where you'd like her to sit, but don't force her to hold a pose. trying to get a baby to do what you want is next to impossible, which can stress you out, which can stress him out, too. just relax and try to make your photo shoot as fun as possible.

props can be fun, too! if there's a favorite stuffed animal or a beautiful blanket that someone has given you, feel free to bring it into the picture, but try not to use props that are too distracting from your little one. remember who the star is!


Maria said...

i need to save all your tips in a folder to my favorites. you seriously have the best helpful information on getting the perfect photos. thank you so much for sharing, carlia! <3

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Thanks so much for these great tips Carlia!! These come at the perfect time as I've just ordered a new camera (nothing fancy) and want to get some nice photos of Alidia to print soon. By the way, LOVE all of this adorable photos of Mack!! What a cutie!!

Frugal in WV said...

Great tips and very cute photos! Saw your post on bloggy moms and following now. I look forward to your future posts!


Brittany TYD said...

These are great tips! Thank you!

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