Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Not ALL Bad

this makes it all worth it
it's PCOS awareness month, so i thought i'd get back to my roots (aka - infertility blogging) and shine the spotlight on my condition. don't worry, this isn't going to get all technical and boring. ;)

for those of you who don't know what PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is, it's this really fun condition that makes it next to impossible for me to ovulate on my own. (hence 9 years of trying to conceive before little mack finally arrived.)

now, instead of boring you to death with the details of our journey toward parenthood, here are the highlights of what those 9 years brought us...
  • years of morning temp charting
  • scheduled love-making
  • a new library of books with fun titles like "taking charge of your fertility"
  • fits of woe when the home pregnancy tests came back negative
  • $$$ down the drain buying home ovulation tests (never did see a for-sure positive)
  • endless doctors appointments
  • poking and prodding by multiple doctors and nurses on a weekly, oftentimes daily schedule
  • an obscene amount of medications, both oral and injectable.
  • 4 miscarriages
  • 1 rented womb
  • 1 perfect baby
was it difficult to endure? oh, yeah. was it worth it? heck yes!!!

to acquaint you all a little better with PCOS, i thought it would be fun to bring back one of my all-time favorite posts:

10 reasons why women with PCOS have it made!

10. no need to schedule things around AF, because she probably won't show up anyway.

9. since she doesn't show up, it makes you wonder if you could actually be preggo. you buy a case of HPTs and get to work. you've just done your part to help the economy!

8. acne is completely underrated! you're 35, but those zits make you look 17 again.

7. it takes the worry out of "accidental pregnancies". no need for BCP! you are your own form of contraceptive!

6. with that newly deepened voice, you can change your career to become a lounge singer. everyone
loves to listen to a woman who sounds like a man.

5. sure your boobs are shrinking, but now bras are optional!

4. your efforts to get preggo lead you to an RE, AI, IUI, and even IVF. yeah, you're spending a small fortune (your life's savings), but once again, you're single-handedly fixing the economy (and learning lots of cool acronyms)!

3. that new chunk of hair that has fallen out is sure to be the latest trend. everyone wants male pattern baldness now, even women. bald is beautiful!

2. all that extra weight you're carrying may be heavy, but think of it as extra padding in case of an accident. *CRASH* look at that! your fat just saved your life!

and the number 1 reason is...

1. thanks to your new mustache and beard, you've got a new side job. you've turned your cubicle into a sideshow booth, because people will pay anything to see the bearded lady.

so, as you can see, having PCOS isn't all bad. ;)


Fiona aka DRMama said...

I can't even begin to imagine the struggles you went through over those 9 years... but you are right, I can tell it was all worth it because now you have one amazing little guy!!!!

Great to see you sharing a funny side of PCOS! :)

Shannon said...

It's great that you can inject some humor in something that was definitely heart breaking for nearly a decade.

But when I see those handsome pics of your little man, I know what you went through was totally worth it and more.

SarahJane Miller said...

WOw, you are incredible. That must of been the hardest thing in the world, I am impressed with your faith to keep trying. And I laughed out loud at the bottom of this post. Way to stay positive. You are one impressive lady.

Erin said...

Hahahaha YES this list is so dead on for so many moments I've had in life. Diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18, certainly a pesty syndrome isn't it? On the upside I'm best friends with my estetician ;)

Great post on PCOS!

Bridget said...

PCOS sounds terrible, I feel for you! I'm so glad you finally have your little miracle :)

Kari said...

Oh how I LOVE this post!!! I, too, have PCOS and also TTC. It really really sucks but I've learned to laugh at all the symptoms...beard and 'stache in particular!

twomillionmiles said...

My best friend was just diagnosed with PSOC! I will have to share this with her to shed some light! Fortunately, she already has a baby, so she's not completely crushed by it!

Stephanie said...

Haha, that list...wow. I didn't realize you struggled for 9 years, I don't know how you did it. The 18 months we struggled were torture enough, you are a much stronger woman than I am. And look how much your perseverance paid off!!

Maria said...

i loved this post - what an awesome sense of humor you have! you had me laughing - and then the picture of that guy - LOL!
i love how you keep it real, carlia!
and your new photo - GORGEOUS!!
the dark hair against your beautiful eyes - you are one hot mama!!

mare ball said...

so nice that you wrote about this. My daughter has PCOS and it's been such a struggle for her. The extra hair and the extra weight are so discouraging. She's 31 now and wonders if she'll be on meds forever. You are so blessed to have your sweet baby. But, you know this!

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