Monday, October 8, 2012

The Buzz About Glade Expressions

i've blogged about my love of scentsy recently, but i just got the opportunity to try the new glade expressions oil diffuser and room spray and thought i'd share my experience with both.

first off, what a great design! aesthetically, they're both fabulous. the diffuser is especially cute, with the cutout design. definitely my style! i also love that the wrapper can be removed from the room spray, so its sleek bottle blends into the room.

i've got the diffuser in my guest bathroom. my scentsy is in the living room, so i thought the bathroom would be a decent distance away (since it's all the way down the hall) where the two wouldn't clash aromas and it would give the diffuser a fair chance to do its job.

i went with pineapple mangosteen for both the diffuser and room spray and it smells incredible! the diffuser was pretty strong at first (though not overwhelming), but a few days later it started to diminish and is now a subtle hint of the fruity concoction after being in there for three weeks. the room spray is great for a burst of freshness. (i primarily use it in our master bedroom & bathroom, because our home is really old and it tends to smell musty in there.) i really like the fact that the room spray is strong enough that you don't need to spray very much. a little goes a long way.

now, let's break down the good and the bad...

the good about glade expressions
  • smells wonderful, not overpowering and not too subtle
  • both look great, love the designs!
  • easy to refill both the diffuser and the spray
  • inexpensive
the bad about glade expressions
  • there aren't many fragrance choices (our local walmart only carries 2 options)
  • the room spray is heavy and coats the floor
  • the diffuser is advertised to last 30 days, but that's a bit of a stretch
all in all, i really do like these products and plan to purchase refills, especially for the diffuser. even though it doesn't last as long as i would like, it does a pretty good job in there and i can set it and forget it for at least a couple of weeks.

*i was given products to sample (via bzzagent), but received no other compensation. all opinions stated are entirely my own.

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