Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kids are Funny

after all the stress from election day and caring for a very sick little boy (mack hasn't been able to keep much down today and is running a fever), i am in need of a light-hearted post, so i thought i'd share a laugh. :)

remember my nephew, E? he is now a witty 4.5 year old and, wow, that kid is full of personality, not to mention hilarious quotes! here are a few of his latest...

"hey mom, somebody peed my pants for me!"

E came in from playing outside, ran into the bathroom, climbed up on the counter and examined himself in the mirror then hopped down and ran to gaga (grandma/my mom). "something is happening to me! i'm getting elf ears!" gaga fought to keep a straight face as she replied, "really? i hadn't noticed." "no, they're real, gaga! these are elf ears!" he exclaimed, pointing to his ears.

while playing at my parents' house, E pulled his arms up so that his shoulder blades were jutting out. gaga pointed to one and said, "that's called your shoulder blade." "yeah, they kill crocodiles...all boys have them," he explained.

E's mom was telling him to clean up the mess he had made, which didn't go over well with him. he looked at her and said, very seriously, "mom, i don't want to tell you this, but i have're a brat." she forced herself not to laugh as she put him in timeout.

when E walked in the room pantless, his mom asked where said pants were, he answered "they took off". "and your underwear?" she inquired. "they took off, too."

my sister made ice cream bowls out of baked cookie dough, but E had trouble breaking his open. he asked, "ummm, is there like a password or something to break this?"

hilarious, isn't he??? i'm sure i'll have more E stories/quotes to share with you soon. :)


mommyhoodafterfertilityfrustration said... say the darnedest things. a little insight into our future. sorry the little guy isn't feeling well...we're fighting a cold here...hope he feels better soon!

Maria said...

Hahaha!! "You're a brat!" I love kids and their humor and the way they repeat EVERYTHING they hear! I hope Mack feels better very soon!

Liveseygirl said...

Brilliant! I have two little boys under 3 so have all this to look forward to! Just started reading your blog. Really enjoying it xx

Shannon said...

Hahahaha what a ham. Just think of what you have to look forward to with Mack!!? :)

Stephanie said...

So funny! I can't wait for Chloe to get a little older and hear all the crazy things she comes up with too. I'm sure we'll all be laughing constantly when our kids are that age.

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