Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bringing Back a Bunch of Freebies!

last year, when we were planning mack's arrival, i put together an assortment of digital artwork for the nursery. my long time readers will probably remember these, but i thought it would be great to bring them back for your viewing/downloading enjoyment. :)

feel free to download and print, but if you use them on your blog, be sure to link back. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Couponing 101: Part 1

everyone who knows me, knows i'm cheap. i pick up pennies off the ground, am a frequent thrift store shopper, only shop clearance racks at department stores, and am addicted to groupon/living social. i get a rush from getting a great deal! so, it's no surprise that i coupon.

i'm not the "extreme couponing" type, though. that takes too much time and is unrealistic. the people who go on that show typically buy excessive amounts of crap that they have no use for and break all the grocery store coupon rules (with the permission of the stores just for the show). yes, stores have coupon rules.

instead of hoarding boxes of animal crackers just for the sake of getting free stuff, i have a goal to save $100 each month with couponing...and every month, i do!

i have a list of tactics that i implement with everything from groceries to clothing to dining out and i've decided to start a series to allow me to share them with you! so, for all of you who think that couponing is too time consuming and confusing, this is for you.

the first thing you need to know is how to gather coupons...

part 1: where to find coupons

there are so many places to find coupons that it can take up an entire post, so i'll try to condense it to make it easier.

i get most of my grocery coupons from the sunday newspaper. i get the major area paper, because it has more coupons than any of the smaller local ones. most papers offer coupons on wednesday & sunday papers, but mine almost always puts the sunday coupons in the saturday paper. weird, but at least i get them. so, i get the wednesday, saturday, and sunday papers for $1 a week. this is totally worth it to me, because i can get that money back in a single coupon.

if you don't want to pay for your paper, try checking out your local grocery/convenience stores that are open late. most will give you their leftover sunday papers after midnight.

another great place to find grocery coupons is online. there are lots of coupon printing services where you pay a few pennies per coupon. i don't personally use this service, but it is becoming increasingly popular among serious couponers.

besides the online printing services, there are lots of sites that offer free membership, which entitles you to select and print coupons at your discretion. here are some sites that i use:

a lot of stores offer their own coupons, as well. to get these look for the store circulars in the newspapers or check their websites to see if they allow printing. it varies from store to store. most will also have the circular right next to the door as you're walking into the store, so don't be afraid to stop and pick it up on your way in. it's a great visual way to see what's on sale and match coupons as you're shopping. some stores, like walgreens, will even have their own monthly coupon book at the entrance, which is filled with coupons for name & store brand products. always keep an eye out for these!

department stores are a little bit different from grocery stores when it comes to coupons. many will plaster their coupons all over their home page, while a few others can be a little bit sneakier. the sneakiest thing of all, though, is that many offer different coupons for the different ways of contacting you. what i mean is, they have some on their website, different ones that come in the the paper, different ones that they mail directly to you, and different ones that they email to you. so, to cover all your bases, i recommend signing up to receive their coupons via postal and electronic mail. if you have outlet stores near you, be sure to check to see if the coupons for the outlets are different than the ones from the regular stores. (children's place recently separated the two.)

restaurants offer lots of coupons, too, so date night doesn't have to be a thing of the past when you have kids. some restaurants, like red lobster and ruby tuesday, will offer coupons in the sunday paper, but many (including local chains) have printable coupons on their websites. always check before going out, because i've seen lots of "buy one entree, get the 2nd free", which can be a huge savings.

the best advice i can offer for restaurant coupons is to join their e-clubs. not only will they send you their regular coupons, but most also send special coupons for your birthday and/or anniversary. i've gotten lots of free meals and free desserts from this!

last, but not least, check out sites like groupon and living social, especially for dining out and special activities. lots of restaurants and stores like to use them to help bring in new business and you're likely to save an average of 60% on your purchases.

so, now that you know where to find the coupons, start clipping! and stay tuned for part 2 of couponing 101!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Check Out the Giveaway!

two posts in one day??? that's just crazy! ;)

just an FYI...

i've been trying to branch out with my crafting lately and decided to try my hand at jewelry making. i came up with this pair of earrings after seeing something similar in a store.


they're super lightweight, because the discs are actually light pieces of wood that i painted. i am very much anti heavy earrings after seeing so many people with stretched earlobes.

anyway, i've decided to offer them up for a giveaway over at flats to flip flops, so head on over and enter to win them!

Another Cheap Trick

remember this old goodwill find?

well, yesterday it got a make-over!

i had what i thought was a brilliant idea. here's what i did...

i painted the frame green (remember how it was solid wood? score!).
i pulled the pages from an old advanced reading copy of a book that i didn't care for.
i used my silhouette SD to create my own alphabet stencils out of cardstock (you can use a regular stencil, though).
i used an exacto knife to cut around the stencils onto the book pages.
i didn't have any posterboard, so i just spray painted that outdated picture that originally came from the frame (after making sure it was just an old mass print that wasn't worth anything) to give me a white background.
i used glue dots (so that the thin book page letters wouldn't get that wrinkled look that glue can sometimes cause) to adhere the alphabet to the white background.
i hung it in mack's room...

the pic makes the letters look washed out, but they show up really well in person

and voila! brand new artwork for practically free!

my cost:

frame: $5 (it was marked at $7, but they were having a sale)
spray paint: $0, because it was left over from another project
stencils: $0, because i already had the paper on hand
book pages: $0, because the book was an advanced reading copy

total: $5

that's just how i roll. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The State of This Union

as most of you know, B and i have been living apart for the past year & a half. trust me, this was not by choice. B was sent to rhode island for work and has been coming home on weekends. not an ideal way to start raising a family, but we made it work.

well, his "prison sentence" is finally ending! YAY! he will officially be moving back home august 9th! that's only TWO weeks from now! EEEKKKK!!!!!! (did i use enough exclamation marks?)

i am beyond excited to have my whole family living under one roof for the first time since mack's arrival. it's going to be great to have him come home after a day at work, spend time together, not have to call each other to say goodnight, and actually sleep in the same bed.

i tried really hard to be strong during his absence (though it was great that he got to come home on the weekends), because i didn't want him to feel bad about a situation that he had no control over, but it was never easy.

the worst was having to go to bed by myself. i usually put it off as long as i could (staying up till 1 or 2 am most nights), because i dreaded sleeping alone. unfortunately, this seems to have caused me to develop a sleeping problem. i've never been the type to fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, but over the past year it's gotten much worse. i usually toss and turn for a couple of hours before i finally doze off. the best nights' sleep that i ever got was on the weekends, so i'm hoping his permanent return will help.

i have grand plans for life after his return, too. maintaining a squeaky clean house will become a daily thing, rather than putting it off till the night before his return, and he'll come home to a home cooked meal almost every night. (i used to be really good about this one, but it'll be tough getting back in the habit of planning a menu.)

i know it isn't going to be perfect and there will most likely be a honeymoon period before the reality of living together again sets in, but i'm still so ecstatic! i just can't wait to have my family back together!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Free Printable

i saw this saying on a painting in a store recently and i fell in love with it! as great as it looked in the store, i thought i would put my own spin on it and offer it up as a free 8x10 printable for all of you. :)

i loved the text on the first one so much, but i doubt it's everyone's style, so i went ahead and made a simpler version.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mack Goes to Utah

as most of you know, we took mack out west to meet B's family at the beginning of the month. it was so much fun and, of course, mack was a huge hit!

it was so great to see family, especially since it had been 2 years since i'd been out to utah to see them and it being mack's first time. we had lots of fun activities planned, including a 4th of july parade, a baby shower for mack, and a birthday party for me. :)

i won't bore you with all the details, so here are the highlights:

mack was very popular with all his cousins.

i loved spending time with them, too!

he loved watching his first parade with daddy.

we took him for his very first picnic.

he tried his first popsicle. the verdict: delicious!

he got lots of great swag at his shower.

i did several photo shoots while i was there. (this was super exciting, because i've built up a pretty good business locally, but this was my first time to ever work out of state. awesome!)

we were sad to leave, but vacations can be exhausting.

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Love {Our Story}

when i say i married my best friend, i don't mean it like, my spouse is my best friend. no, i mean it like, we were literally best friends who fell in love.

B and i became best friends as soon as we met. we lived a couple of blocks away from each other, worked together, went to the same church, and even carpooled together everywhere. we were inseparable!

most people probably thought we were already dating, because we spent so much time together, but dating was the last thing i wanted when we met. you see, i had just gotten out of an engagement. yup, i was engaged before i met B. it ended badly and let's just say that i chose to move across the country to get away from this guy, it was so bad.

anyway, yeah... i wasn't looking for a relationship at that point, just a friend. and there was B, all 6'9" of him! he was not my type at all, too tall (i usually went with guys that i could stand on my tip-toes to kiss, not that had to bend down to meet me halfway), too fair (i usually dated guys with tan skin, dark hair, and brown eyes), and too nice (i usually found myself with jerks).

we got along great, though. his openness and sarcastic sense of humor quickly drew me in and i craved his company. he was the type of guy i could be around without worrying about getting hurt.

of course, we flirted a bit, but that was just my nature. i never intended to give him the wrong idea. so, it came as a bit of a shock when we were hanging out in his room talking one night and he said, "i think i'm falling in love with you."

what?!? my mind was racing. i had no idea how to respond, how to diffuse the situation. of course he isn't in love with me, i thought, he only thinks he is because we're around each other 24/7.

as untactfully as i've ever said anything in my life, i replied, "oh. well...maybe we're spending too much time together."

what a horrible thing to say! i could suddenly feel the tension in the air. it was beyond uncomfortable and i wanted to leave right then and there, but i had to try to smooth it over.

i suddenly remembered that a friend of his had mentioned wanting to set him up with a friend the week before. maybe i could redirect his feelings and save our friendship. yup, that's what i was going to do!

"why don't we take a few days to think things over? you should go on that date. in fact, you could do that friday night, because i'm going to a concert with my roommate that night, and we can meet up after to talk things over."

he agreed and we planned  to spend the next few days apart then for me to come over after i got home from the concert. he even said he'd leave the back door unlocked, so i could just let myself in.

friday night came and i was ready to go to the concert...but my roommate was nowhere to be seen. i couldn't go without her, because she had the tickets, so i sat and waited, but she never showed up. apparently, she had fallen asleep while studying at her mom's house and i was left all alone with nothing to do.

then it dawned on me that B's back door was unlocked and he had cable, which i did not. i'd just hang out over there in front of his TV till he got home. perfect plan!

when i got there, the house was empty, all of his roommates were out for the night, so it was just me and the remote, which was fine by me. i thought i should at least call him to let him know i was there...just in case.

the phone rang...and rang...and rang... then his voicemail picked up. i left a brief message (just letting him know my plans fell through and that i was at his house) and got back to my show, but i couldn't get into it. something made me uneasy and i realized that that was the first time that he hadn't answered my call. why didn't he answer my call? why didn't he want to talk to me? he probably just didn't want to be rude to his date. maybe he was having a lot of fun with her. wait a minute...i don't want him having fun with another girl. he should only be having fun with me!

and so my green-eyed monster came out and jealousy overtook me. i couldn't seem to stop myself as i picked up the phone and dialed his number again. voicemail. i left another message. after about a half hour, i called again, this time it went straight to voicemail, which told me he had turned his phone off. i began to feel an inkling of panic, but i tried to keep myself composed as i waited on his couch for his return. i couldn't say how many times i called and left messages, but it was probably bordering on stalker status.

he finally walked in at about 1am to find me asleep on his couch. he gently picked me up and carried me to his bedroom then made himself a bed on the couch.

i felt more sane the next morning, even though i woke up in someone else's bed. the events of the night before immediately returned to me and i knew i had some thinking to do.

B acted like nothing had happened, not even mentioning the dozen or so messages i'd left for him. i certainly wasn't about to bring up my temporary insanity, so we just hung out like everything was normal.

i asked him how his date went and he told me that it was great. so, i asked if he was going to ask her out again. "it depends," he replied. i knew what that meant, which gave me hope, but i didn't go any further with the conversation, at least not until i knew what i was going to do.

i took the next few days to think, trying to figure out what i wanted and if was even ready for it all. yes, i decided. yes, this is love and yes, i'm going to tell him and we would figure things out from there.

the following wednesday, we went out to eat.

"i have to tell you something," i began.

he got very still as he waited. he probably thought i was going to tell him that i was moving back to texas out of embarrassment or, better yet, that i was ready to be institutionalized after my crazy behavior.

"i think i'm falling in love with you, too," i said shyly.

a huge grin spread across his face. (he later told me that he was so happy that he wanted to jump up and down, but controlled himself since he was in the middle of a busy restaurant.)

"so where do you see this going?" he asked.

"i don't know. what do you think?"

"well, i guess my goal would be to get married," he said slowly, unsure of my reaction.

"is that a short term or long term goal?" i asked with a smile.

"short term. definitely short term," he answered, smiling back.

we were married only three months later.

today is our 10th wedding anniversary and i can honestly say that the best decision i ever made was to marry my best friend. i loved him then, but i love him even more now. it's amazing how your love can grow and evolve, how limitless and all-encompassing it can be. there are no words to describe the depth of it, nor to describe my gratitude for him.

this is my happily ever after.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Enduring Love

my parents are amazing people. i know, i know, we all think our parents are amazing, and they all are, but my parents also have an amazing story.

they met in high school. mama was best friends with daddy's cousin, who happened to also be dating mama's cousin. (small town living, where everyone is related to everyone. luckily, my parents are not related.) so, daddy's cousin thought it would be great to get mama & daddy together, so they could all hang out together. little did she know that by arranging for the two to go out, she'd be setting up soul mates.

that was their sophomore year and they stayed together through graduation, with plans to be together for the rest of their lives.

they graduated in 1965, at the beginning of the viet nam war and now that daddy was of age, he was vulnerable to the draft. sure enough, his birthday was chosen and he got the letter from uncle sam telling him to report for duty only months after graduating from high school.

the thought of leaving his sweetheart was unbearable, but he was no coward. he was, however, very smart, smart enough to hurry and enlist (serving 4 years, but opting to serve another 4, instead of the 2 that the draft required), so that he could have a say in his assignment, in an effort to avoid combat. well, it worked, he was to work in communications, keeping him away from the battlefront.

however, this didn't change the fact that he was going to have to leave and leave mama behind. so, they decided to get married before he left, because trying to go through a bunch of red tape to get approval to get married after he was an official soldier would take too long. if he was going to have to leave, he was going to do it on his terms, with a wife, not just a girlfriend, waiting for him.

they got married in mama's parents' living room. mama wore a beautiful knee length white dress with a lace overlay. daddy was dashing in his tie. they were surrounded by only those closest to them. it was simple, but perfect.

they had only two months together, as a married couple, before daddy had to leave. the goodbyes were painful. what if something happened? what if he were injured? or worse?

fortunately, he survived and so did their marriage. it was a long 8 years of service, filled with many adventures, like being stationed as a family in places like hawaii and virginia, also serving two tours in viet nam.

they welcomed their first daughter in hawaii, the second in new jersey, the third in virginia. then his service was up and they were able to return home to texas to start a new life together.

while stationed in virginia, they were contacted by two young missionaries, who introduced them to the LDS church, which they decided to join. had they not, and had they not learned of the importance of family through these new beliefs, i would not be here to tell you this story. they had planned to have only 3 children, but went on to have many more. (but i digress...)

after his service during the war, daddy started to have trouble with his eyesight. he first noticed that he couldn't see the stars at night, while stationed in the jungles of viet nam. it was night-blindness, which was only the first symptom of his form of retinitis pigmentosa, a rare degenerative eye disease that eventually causes complete blindness, which they now believe was caused by agent orange during the war.

when i was five, daddy's visual deterioration was bad enough that he was forced into "early retirement" and we fell on hard times, but mama stuck by his side. she even took on part time jobs here and there, even substitute teaching at my school, to be able to buy us christmas presents.

life at this point was not easy, but they never let it get in the way of their relationship. they were a team and they were in love.

i remember helping mama make supper and daddy  coming into the kitchen just to kiss her on the cheek and pinch her bum. this was not a rare occurrence, either. :)

this was when i was the baby of the family
i never heard them fight, though. this isn't to say that they didn't have arguments, but they had their "discussions" in private. it was always important to them to present a united front, to be a team. it was a great example to us.

when mama was 40, she gave birth to baby #10, a girl. the tally was 8 girls and 2 boys and they were done having children.

years passed and things were settled...until they got a surprise. baby #11 was on its way! mama was 49 and daddy was 50 when daughter #9 joined our family. she was the best surprise ever!

B with my baby sister, petey
shortly thereafter, daddy started to lose the feeling in his hands and feet. it spread throughout his body, paralyzing him as it went. it came on very quickly and mama rushed him to the hospital one morning when he was unable to get out of bed. a young doctor had seen this before was quickly able to diagnose it as guillain–barrĂ© syndrome, another rare disease, this one where the immune system attacks the nervous system, gradually paralyzing the patient until it reaches their lungs, making it impossible to breathe.

they caught it just before it took him completely. he was hospitalized for a short time then release back home in a wheelchair. mama became his full-time caretaker as he slowly learned to walk again. it was a long process with lasting effects, as, to this day, his hands and feet are still numb and his face is still partially paralyzed. but mama loved him just the same and was there for him every step of the way.

life took a few more twists and turns as time continued to pass by. children were married, granchildren were born, my older brother passed away, and the circle of life continues. my baby sister will turn 16 in september and they now have 30 grandchildren (mack is #29). one of their grandchildren is married with another getting hitched in september. this november they will celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary.

today, daddy's eyesight is extremely limited (take a pair of sunglasses, poke a hole about the size of a ballpoint pen tip in each eye and try to see through it - that's what he sees) and, combined with the lack of feeling in his feet, walking around places is difficult. he is usually seen leaning on mama for support to steady him as she discreetly whispers to him where to step to avoid running into people or stumbling. that is how they are in life, too. whether they realize it or not, they've leaned on one another through it all. they're a team, stronger together than they are apart. their love is strong and deep. they are truly soul mates.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nearly Lost Love

grandpa johnny and grandma lola had 9 children, including my grandma, audrey (my mom's mom), and her younger sister ruby.

audrey and ruby lived in a small texas town where everybody knew everybody and they had their eyes on a pair of brothers, woody and harlan. of course, it was no surprise that woody and harlan were equally smitten.

the two couples, woody & audrey and harlan & ruby, soon became exclusive, courting as only well-bred southern couples did in those days. so, it was all the more scandalous when harlan was seen with another girl in town, a girl with a less than desirable reputation, at that!

ruby was heartbroken when word got to her and she cried on her mother's shoulder. lola comforted her, reassuring her that all would be well.

and grandma lola was right! harlan came back to ruby, professing his love and his intention to marry her. she was eager to take him back and become his wife, knowing that he was the only one she ever wanted to be with.

audrey & woody
grandma lola, who had approved of harlan before the rumors started flying, refused to welcome him back, let alone marry her daughter. "no boy who would be seen with a girl like that will ever be allowed to be with my daughter," she said emphatically.

and so the two were separated, kept apart, forced to move on.

audrey and woody got married when she was just 18, and ruby and harlan got married, too, but not to each other.

the years passed. children were born and raised. lives were lived. heartache was felt...especially when both ruby and harlan each found themselves widowed in their early 60s.

as luck would have it, fate led them back together (or maybe audrey & woody had something to do with it). harlan and ruby found themselves face to face and just as in love with each other as they had been in their teens.

they quickly married and stayed married for 12 years, until harlan passed away only 9 days before his older brother, my grandpa woody, in 1999. ruby and harlan always said that it was the best 12 years of their lives. in fact, just before harlan passed, he told ruby "you were the one i was supposed to marry in the first place."

ruby and audrey are still going strong today and their love for those brothers is too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Young Love

i remember my great grandmother vividly. she was a tiny woman with coke bottle thick glasses that remind me of professor trelawney from harry potter. she spoke softly and always wanted to give us things when we came to visit.

but until recently, i never knew that my sweet 95 year old great grandmother had been a bit of a spitfire growing up.

she and my great grandfather were teenagers when they fell in love. they wanted so desperately to get married, but were forbidden.

that wasn't going to stop her, though! young lola and johnny rigged the wagon, harnessed the horses (this was texas in the late 1800s, mind you), and headed for the next county over.

when they found the home of a local minister, johnny hopped down, knocked on the door, and explained their plight. the minister, sympathetic to their situation, agreed to marry them right then and there. and so it happened, sitting in the wagon, holding hands, wearing their everyday clothes, with the minister standing beside the wagon, they were married.

apparently, grandpa johnny's dad wasn't too excited about the prospect of marrying his children off in general. a few years later, he refused to give persmission to johnny's younger sister, lucy, to marry her beau, jack.

she was heartbroken, wanting nothing more than to be with him...but leave it to lola to come up with a plan. she knew they were having a large family get-together soon, which would be the perfect cover to slip lucy out to run away with jack.

all of the younger members of the family sided with lucy and wanted to help. so, lola arranged for them to make a bit of a ruckus outside, to keep her father occupied and out of the house.

with everyone congregated in the front yard, lucy passed her things to lola through a back window then climbed out herself. she hugged lola tightly, gathered her few belongings, and ran as fast as she could to meet her love just beyond the hill.

lucy's father sensed something was wrong, so he quickly counted his children among him, noting that he was missing one. lucy! where was lucy?

he searched the yard, finding nothing, then the house. he had just missed her; she had barely slipped past him.

"where is lucy?" he demanded.

"she's gone. she's with jack. they're getting married," lola fearlessly informed her father-in-law.

"well, if they've eloped, they can keep on going...to hell and three miles past!" he declared.

his heart did eventually soften toward them. he could see how much lucy and jack loved each other, as well as johnny and lola, and that was all he ever really wanted for them anyway. both couples lived long, happy lives, married well beyond 50 years each. they had many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. and so their legacy of love continues...

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Selfless Love

friday is our 10th wedding anniversary and, since this is such a milestone year, i thought it would be fun to celebrate with a week of love! all week i'll be posting true love stories, the kind that touch your heart and lift your soul. :)

today's story is all about B's parents, a story of selflessness, devotion, and endless love...

M (B's dad) and D (B's mom) met in college. it was a whirlwind romance that quickly led them to the alter, where they promised to stand by each other, support each other, and love each other for time and all eternity, not only in this mortal existence, but stretching into time unknown.

their love endured many adventures, like finishing school, raising 7 children (including 2 back-to-back sets of twins), serving in various unpaid capacities for our church (including serving as mission president in california), and traveling the world.

i met them for the first time at the airport in salt lake city. they were returning home from teaching english in china for 2 years, though it was their second time out there. B and i were already engaged (neither of us met each other's parents until after we were already engaged. weird, huh?), so, after the initial introductions and hugs, the first thing his mom said to me was, "how can i help?"

that was D in a nutshell, immediately accepting, eager to give service, and quick to love with her whole heart. i loved her back just as quickly. she was a kindred spirit, it seemed. she and i could talk for hours about everything and nothing. we would sit on her bed, watching old movies, and crocheting, just enjoying spending time together while B and M were out playing golf. her company was easy and relaxed. she was a perfect mother-in-law and i loved her like a second mother.
i had the chance to shoot M & D while on our trip to UT

i had less than a year with her before she got sick. it was cancer and, though it didn't take her life, it stole her away just the same.

after surgery to remove the tumor, the chemo was delayed in being given. her immune system, not knowing that the cancer was gone, went haywire, attacking her nervous system. the chemo finally stopped the internal battle, but not before it left her in a semi-vegetative state. her muscle control was nearly wiped out, also affecting her speech, which came out in difficult breaths that were hard to decipher. almost entirely paralyzed from head to toe, but mentally the same, she became trapped inside her own body.

thus began their most difficult adventure of all. M was adamant that he would care for D himself, refusing to put her in a nursing home or some other facility (not that anyone encouraged him to).

this was in 2003. so, for the past 9 years, he has fed her, combed her hair, dressed her, bathed her, helped her with her daily physical therapy, cleaned up after her, and carried her...all without expecting anything in return. M's life is one of sacrifice, service, and devotion. his is an example that i can only describe as christ-like.

the love that M and D have for one another is beyond measure. the way he sits and talks to her, telling her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her, is filled with sincerity...and the way she looks back at him, offering a few breathy words, speaks volumes.

theirs is a story of true love.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


as promised, and because i reached 200 GFC followers, it's time for the giveaway!

i am so in love with this prize! it's a beautiful 2-sided pendant bracelet that i picked up at this adorable boutique on our trip to virginia last month. so pretty! and the pendant is interchangeable, in case you want to mix it up from time to time. ;)

good luck!

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