Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Group Giveaway

there are just a couple more sponsors to spotlight today then it's on to the september group giveaway!

say hi to...

lisa from the thrifty challenge

My blog is about a year long challenge to only thrift things and buy secondhand (with the exception of a few necessary items that one shouldn’t thrift :)) .I share how I upcycle and reuse lots of items I thrift and how I’m decorating my home on a very modest budget. I love DIYing just about anything and turning someone’s trash into my own little treasure!

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on? Can't I be a butterfly on a wall :) I'd love to be a fly on the wall in a kitchen, anywhere there is good food...maybe Jamie Oliver's kitchen.

courtney from chase all your dreams

Hi! I'm Courtney and Chase All Your Dreams is a lifestyle blog about my life in college. I talk about my life at college, my journey getting into the music business, my thoughts, likes, opinions, and whatever else pops into my head. So come over say hi!

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on? I would love to be on some celebrity's wall to see how they live everyday.

and now for the giveaway! here's what's up for grabs...


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

And That Makes 5

while we're on the subject of infertility, and not to negate my last post about being perfectly content with my lot in life...

the hits keep on coming. it seems like life is a bit topsy-turvy lately, with extreme highs and lows. it's almost as if each bit of good news is followed by tremendously bad news, rather cyclically, trapped on the hamster wheel.

we weren't "trying". we weren't preventing, either, but we certainly weren't "trying", which is why it came as such a surprise, but pregnancy #5 ended before i'd even known it had arrived.

one of the many faces of infertility
how did i not know, you ask? well, with having PCOS, i don't have regular cycles and i haven't had a ton of pregnancy symptoms. the only ones that come to mind are an overactive bladder and fatigue. how did i figure it out? i've had enough miscarriages to recognize that particular type of pain. when it started, i knew, i just knew. at this point it was just pain, no other signs of a miscarriage, so i had a sliver of hope when i took the pregnancy test and got a faint positive, even though something didn't feel right.

of course i was sad and disappointed when the doctor confirmed that i was miscarrying, but, oddly enough, i felt this overwhelming sense of peace. i hadn't known i was pregnant, so i hadn't had time to get attached, which is a blessing in disguise. i just felt a renewed sense of hope that i can get pregnant without fertility treatments. i just wish my doctors could figure out why my body rejects every pregnancy.

more than anything, this experience has reiterated the fact that mack is a "miracle baby". so, after all of this, i hold him a little longer, hug him a little tighter, and kiss him a bit too much. luckily, he doesn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Not ALL Bad

this makes it all worth it
it's PCOS awareness month, so i thought i'd get back to my roots (aka - infertility blogging) and shine the spotlight on my condition. don't worry, this isn't going to get all technical and boring. ;)

for those of you who don't know what PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is, it's this really fun condition that makes it next to impossible for me to ovulate on my own. (hence 9 years of trying to conceive before little mack finally arrived.)

now, instead of boring you to death with the details of our journey toward parenthood, here are the highlights of what those 9 years brought us...
  • years of morning temp charting
  • scheduled love-making
  • a new library of books with fun titles like "taking charge of your fertility"
  • fits of woe when the home pregnancy tests came back negative
  • $$$ down the drain buying home ovulation tests (never did see a for-sure positive)
  • endless doctors appointments
  • poking and prodding by multiple doctors and nurses on a weekly, oftentimes daily schedule
  • an obscene amount of medications, both oral and injectable.
  • 4 miscarriages
  • 1 rented womb
  • 1 perfect baby
was it difficult to endure? oh, yeah. was it worth it? heck yes!!!

to acquaint you all a little better with PCOS, i thought it would be fun to bring back one of my all-time favorite posts:

10 reasons why women with PCOS have it made!

10. no need to schedule things around AF, because she probably won't show up anyway.

9. since she doesn't show up, it makes you wonder if you could actually be preggo. you buy a case of HPTs and get to work. you've just done your part to help the economy!

8. acne is completely underrated! you're 35, but those zits make you look 17 again.

7. it takes the worry out of "accidental pregnancies". no need for BCP! you are your own form of contraceptive!

6. with that newly deepened voice, you can change your career to become a lounge singer. everyone
loves to listen to a woman who sounds like a man.

5. sure your boobs are shrinking, but now bras are optional!

4. your efforts to get preggo lead you to an RE, AI, IUI, and even IVF. yeah, you're spending a small fortune (your life's savings), but once again, you're single-handedly fixing the economy (and learning lots of cool acronyms)!

3. that new chunk of hair that has fallen out is sure to be the latest trend. everyone wants male pattern baldness now, even women. bald is beautiful!

2. all that extra weight you're carrying may be heavy, but think of it as extra padding in case of an accident. *CRASH* look at that! your fat just saved your life!

and the number 1 reason is...

1. thanks to your new mustache and beard, you've got a new side job. you've turned your cubicle into a sideshow booth, because people will pay anything to see the bearded lady.

so, as you can see, having PCOS isn't all bad. ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012


thank you all so much for all of your prayers, support, and sweet comments when i posted this. my heart is overflowing. i am so grateful to have such caring people in my life, in person and online.

i thought i should start this week off with updates, for those who have been waiting.

first thing first, mack is 100%. the squitters (you know you love that word now) have been banished and i did wind up taking him to the doctor for his rash. i'm so glad i did, because it had turned into a pretty bad yeast infection. we got a prescription for him that cleared it right up in a couple of days and his tiny tushy is perfectly squeezable again. ;)

there are still no projects lined up for B at work, but, after they saw how good he is with reports and spreadsheets, they transferred him to another office to do analysis work in business development until a project comes along. this means he has a new boss, one that actually communicates, and his job is secure for the moment. he's not putting his eggs all in this basket, though, and has started applying for positions elsewhere. he has an interview coming up (no set date yet, as they're running his background check first) that we're really hopeful about.

now, to answer the question you're really is B's dad? well, B's dad is doing well. his oncologist ran another cat scan and has verified that the cancer is advanced and will require chemo, but he is very hopeful and says that it looks very treatable. the treatment starts this week and we're relieved that they're starting so soon. B's dad is confident that all will be well, but doesn't really like to talk about it very much. he doesn't give us too many details (like what stage the cancer is in), because he doesn't want us to worry. he has also decided not to move him and my mother-in-law into B's sister's home. he doesn't want to be a burden to anyone, so he's going to be hiring an in-home nurse to care for both of them during all this. everyone has been trying to talk him into letting the family do more, but he is adamant. (now i know where B gets his stubbornness.) i'll try to update you all on his treatment and how they're faring.

with all that has been going on, i realized that i needed to do something for me, because stressed is not a good look for me. so...i decided to change my hair again. i know, i know, i do this every few months, but trust me when i say that it was time. my roots were awful and the color had faded to the point that i was looking washed out. wanna see how it looks now?

B loves it! he always thinks i look good, but this is his favorite color on me...and i agree. :)

ps: today is the last day to enter the shabby apple giveaway!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Dresses from Shabby Applei'm super excited to be hosting a giveaway from shabby apple today! their lines of dresses, accessories, swimwear, maternity dresses, and little girl clothes are to die for! i especially love their vintage style. so chic!

in today's giveaway, shabby apple is offering one lucky reader a $50 gift card!

for those of you who are impatient (like me), and want to go ahead and order something, they've also given me an exclusive 10% off code just for the readers of NB101. when checking out, just enter the code "nestbuilding10off". this code is only good for the next month, so take advantage of it!

now, for the giveaway...this is only open to US residents and requires you to have a facebook account (sorry everyone else!). when entering, please make sure to complete each of the 3 mandatory entries. (the rest of the entries are completely optional.)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*i was in no way compensated for this post. all opinions are entirely my own. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Awful, Rotten, Horrible, No-Good, Terrible Week

last week was bad, really bad. it seemed like the world was against us, everything going wrong. aside from the minor day to day things seeming to not go as well as usual, we were hit by a few big things.

first off, mack got his first cold...which was immediately followed by diarrhea (or as we call it in our house, "squitters". ha ha!), which was accompanied by the diaper rash from hell. we're still battling this one. his digestive tract seems to be all clear, but the rash might require a doctor's visit.

the next hit we took was on the job front. now that B's job in rhode island has finished up, they don't have another project to put him on. his boss, a lady who is really unqualified to lead in any capacity, gave him a head's up that he might be getting laid off then refused to answer any of his calls or emails (they work in different offices). she's still avoiding him. looks like a change might be in our near future, which could even take us out of state.

the third and worst hit of all is just devastating. remember this post? my heart aches to even type this...B's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. the irony here is that he worked for the american cancer society for 40 years and has never smoked a cigarette in his life, nor has he lived with anyone who has. bad luck? yeah, that's pretty much what it boils down to. his oncologist is running a new cat scan today to see the extent of it and plan out his treatment. needless to say, B is heartbroken that his dad is having to go through this. his family is rallying together, though, to help. one of his wonderful sisters has offered to move both parents in with her family (which includes 8 kids) and care for them. B's dad is so full of hope right now, but knowing that he's not going to be able to care of B's mom is breaking his heart. he is so dedicated to her that he can't stand the thought of relinquishing her care to anyone else.

prayers and positive thoughts are much needed and greatly appreciated. i'll keep y'all updated. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome Wednesday

i'm so excited to spotlight my sponsors again this month! meet them here then head over to their blogs to show them some love. :)

say hi to...

jess from the pretty physicist
Hi, I'm Jess, the Pretty Physicist! I am a 20-something physicist working as an engineer. I love reading, cooking, and shopping, and I live by the mantra: "Who says smart can't be pretty?"
My blog is about a little of everything, especially my day-to-day life. I am real and honest, and I hope you'll decide to come check it out.

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on? Kate Middleton's wall ... I would LOVE to have her clothes and style, so maybe being a fly on her wall, I could pick up some tips ... or maybe some lighter clothes ;)

celeste from crazy beautiful unique
Hi! I'm Celeste and I blog over at Crazy Beautiful Unique. I like to blog about anything that will either inform or entertain my readers. We like to have a lot of fun together! I also have a shop on Etsy called 'A Girl and Her Clay' where I sell polymer clay charms and jewelry that I make.

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on? I would want to be a fly on John Mayer's studio wall. I love his music but never have had the chance to hear him live. So as a fly, I'll be able to hear him live all the time!

meg from moments like this
I blog about the little moments in life. The way my kids look playing under the curtains in our living room, dinner at a friend’s house, walks around our neighborhood- all things that may seem small but make me smile the most.

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on? I would want to be a fly on the wall of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on the night he was elected into office.

kelly from leafy not beafy
I blog about a little of this and a little of that, but mostly anything related to food, fitness, faith, and fashion.

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on? Wow, what a difficult question! I think it would have been very interesting to have been a fly on the wall of Queen Esther from Bible times.

shannon from polish and sugar
My blog is an extension of me - I love fashion, food, beauty, home decor, DIY, and just being social. I just put that all in a blog to share with you! I'm 28 and single, so I'm not your typical blogger in many ways.

and this month's random question: if you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be on?
Two extremes:
Ryan Gosling - just to find out what it would take to marry that boy ;)
Oprah - just to find out how she does it all


and don't forget to enter the giveaway from A9t5!

Monday, September 10, 2012

After Nine to Five {GIVEAWAY}

have you met ashley? if not, you've been missing out. she's the voice behind the fabulous blog after nine to five and i'm super excited to shine the spotlight on her today!

a little bit about ashley: I'm self-employed and loving {almost} every minute of it! Tax time is not a favorite of mine though. I like to take big risks that have the potential to yield big rewards. My hope is to inspire people go beyond the cookie cutter slate we're thrown into. Inspire people to do more, see more, and simply live more.

did you know there's an after nine to five shop? it's filled with the most adorable stuff! ashley offers prints, wall decals, and invitations that are to die for. here are some of my favorite prints from her shop...

she is one talented lady! and guess what! she's giving away 2 5x7 prints of your choice from her shop (a $20 value)! (and you thought mondays were no fun.) :) so, be sure to enter...

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Quiet Around Here...

because this little guy is under the weather.

looks like i passed my cold on to B then to mack. this is mack's first time being sick and it's absolutely pitiful. the one good thing about a sick baby, though, is that it makes him extra cuddly...and i'm taking full advantage of that. ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Latest Finds

boy, did i score with my thrifting last week! check out these bad boys, because next time you see them, they'll be unrecognizable. ;)

*disclaimer: the pics were taken quickly and with a little point-and-shoot. don't judge.

an oak toy chest: $10 (of course, this will go in mack's room)

a small chest of drawers: $15 (this is already in use, and will continue to be, in our office area)

a cherry china hutch: $25 (this will be moved to the living room & will be used as a bookshelf)

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