Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Cheap Trick

DIY projects are my absolute favorite! there is something so amazing about taking something that someone else deemed as garbage and bringing it back to life by repurposing it or giving it a face-lift.

one of my latest projects was turning an old, junky desk into a cute console table for my foyer.

i picked this bad boy up at goodwill industries for $30.

the first step was to add a bottom shelf, to take the piece from desk to console, so B cut a spare piece of wood to use as a bottom shelf then secured it with wood glue and finishing nails.

i decided to go with a cream color, instead of the pure white i had been leaning toward. however, it still seemed a little boring. my solution? two-toned stripes just on the top followed by light distressing all over.

getting this look is actually very simple. after sanding down the entire piece, i painted only the top pure white. after allowing it to completely dry (which takes a long time in our humid climate) i laid out my stripes with painters tape then painted the exposed area with the cream paint i used for the rest of the piece as well.

after distressing the entire piece with a fine grit sandpaper, the last step was to install the new hardware. these drawer knobs were clearanced at lowe's for only $1.98 each!

the end result...



Fiona said...

Wow.. it looks amazing!! You are so talented with that sort of thing!

Bridget said...

I love it!!

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