Friday, October 4, 2013

Mack's 18 Month Photo Shoot

i know, i know, mack turns 21 months tomorrow and i'm just now getting around to posting his 18 month pics, but at least i did take them when he was still 18 months. :)

gone are the days of chubby legs and double chins. my baby isn't a baby anymore, mack is officially a little boy. he loves to sing and hum to himself while he plays. his favorite thing to do is "read" books. he has a few of his books memorized, so there are several corresponding words that you can understand while he's trying to read aloud to himself. he jabbers away all day and, apparently, i'm the only one who can understand him. ha ha! he is definitely a daddy's boy, though. when daddy is at work, he asks for him continuously, often bringing me my phone so we can call him. when daddy is home, i become invisible. i'm okay with that, though, because i get all day every day with him, so i love that the time those two have together is such quality time. on the not-so-sunny side, tantrum have begun. luckily, they don't last very long and have yet to happen in public. mack's independence is usually to blame, as he MUST do everything himself with no assistance from anyone, especially me. (no clue where he got that from. *wink, wink* ok, so he takes after me and i take after my dad. it could be worse.) overall, however, he is a truly happy child. he smiles and shouts "hey!" when you get him out of his crib in the morning or after a nap, he gets so excited when you sit on the floor to play with him, and he is always willing to give hugs and kisses. i am one blessed mama.

now, on to the picture overload...

 photo 1197a_zpsac2b525c.jpg
 photo 1185a_zpsec625307.jpg
 photo 1099b_zps3abd1701.jpg
 photo 1092a_zps0110869c.jpg
 photo 1158a_zpse2ce1750.jpg
 photo 1128a_zpsdaa3ab66.jpg
 photo 1123a_zps02fa89fe.jpg
 photo 220a_zpse8aa8a99.jpg
 photo 186b_zpse80e5b14.jpg
 photo 176b_zpsf68bc553.jpg

i am so in love with this boy! he's not perfect, but he's my kind of perfect. i can't wait to see him in the role of big brother. february can't get here fast enough!


Bridget said...

He is really looking so grown up!! So handsome, and those eyes!

Fiona said...

My goodness, he is one GORGEOUS kid!!! Wonderful photos.. and his outfit! Adorable! :) So nice to read and see more about him here!

SLESE1014 said...

oh, but he his perfect in his own the pictures. I can't get over how grown up he looks....such a handsome fellow :)

Tiffany said...

Omg he is so big now! Cutie pie!

Sarah said...

So handsome!

dspence said...

I love his hair!!!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

What a cutie! He is getting so big! You take such great pictures!

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