Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Update

this year has been rough for both sides of our family, first with the loss of my dad, followed by the loss of B's mom then the discovery of the brain tumor in B's dad. there have been many tears shed and many prayers sent up. i wish i could just snap my fingers, bob my head, or wiggle my nose and make it all better, but what will be will be.

further testing has shown that B's dad has not 1, but 12 brain tumors, each malignant and each inoperable. i just can't believe it.

the doctor has pushed him to take on the radiation and chemo treatments to battle them, but his rapid deterioration has the family convinced that he will not be recovering from this one. they did start the treatments, however, completing 2 radiation treatments and 1 round of chemo, but have since halted all further treatments.

he isn't himself anymore. usually sharp as a tack and healthy as a horse, he now forgets what he's saying mid-sentence and cannot walk without assistance. he is so weak that he is unable to care for himself, so he is living with B's sister and her family, but the rest of the family nearby comes in to help where they can.

if i'm being completely honest, i think he is just ready to go and his body is responding to his will. this is a man who underwent multiple rounds of chemo and radiation for over a year while caring for his invalid wife. i am convinced that if he wanted to hang on, he could, but he's tired and he's lonely. he tired of fighting this illness and he wants nothing more than to be reunited with his sweetheart who passed away barely a month before their 50th wedding anniversary.

the family seems to be at peace with this outcome, B especially. he just doesn't want his father to suffer anymore.

hospice started coming in today. all we can do now is hope that his last days are comfortable and peaceful.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Cheap Trick

DIY projects are my absolute favorite! there is something so amazing about taking something that someone else deemed as garbage and bringing it back to life by repurposing it or giving it a face-lift.

one of my latest projects was turning an old, junky desk into a cute console table for my foyer.

i picked this bad boy up at goodwill industries for $30.

the first step was to add a bottom shelf, to take the piece from desk to console, so B cut a spare piece of wood to use as a bottom shelf then secured it with wood glue and finishing nails.

i decided to go with a cream color, instead of the pure white i had been leaning toward. however, it still seemed a little boring. my solution? two-toned stripes just on the top followed by light distressing all over.

getting this look is actually very simple. after sanding down the entire piece, i painted only the top pure white. after allowing it to completely dry (which takes a long time in our humid climate) i laid out my stripes with painters tape then painted the exposed area with the cream paint i used for the rest of the piece as well.

after distressing the entire piece with a fine grit sandpaper, the last step was to install the new hardware. these drawer knobs were clearanced at lowe's for only $1.98 each!

the end result...


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Free Halloween Printable

since i'm in full blown nesting mode, i can't seem to think of anything other than furniture and home decor. in the midst of turning our guest room into the new nursery (lots of work still to do. ugh!), i took a break from my stress to come up with a fun free halloween printable to share with y'all! enjoy!

(designed to print as an 8x10)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mack's 18 Month Photo Shoot

i know, i know, mack turns 21 months tomorrow and i'm just now getting around to posting his 18 month pics, but at least i did take them when he was still 18 months. :)

gone are the days of chubby legs and double chins. my baby isn't a baby anymore, mack is officially a little boy. he loves to sing and hum to himself while he plays. his favorite thing to do is "read" books. he has a few of his books memorized, so there are several corresponding words that you can understand while he's trying to read aloud to himself. he jabbers away all day and, apparently, i'm the only one who can understand him. ha ha! he is definitely a daddy's boy, though. when daddy is at work, he asks for him continuously, often bringing me my phone so we can call him. when daddy is home, i become invisible. i'm okay with that, though, because i get all day every day with him, so i love that the time those two have together is such quality time. on the not-so-sunny side, tantrum have begun. luckily, they don't last very long and have yet to happen in public. mack's independence is usually to blame, as he MUST do everything himself with no assistance from anyone, especially me. (no clue where he got that from. *wink, wink* ok, so he takes after me and i take after my dad. it could be worse.) overall, however, he is a truly happy child. he smiles and shouts "hey!" when you get him out of his crib in the morning or after a nap, he gets so excited when you sit on the floor to play with him, and he is always willing to give hugs and kisses. i am one blessed mama.

now, on to the picture overload...

 photo 1197a_zpsac2b525c.jpg
 photo 1185a_zpsec625307.jpg
 photo 1099b_zps3abd1701.jpg
 photo 1092a_zps0110869c.jpg
 photo 1158a_zpse2ce1750.jpg
 photo 1128a_zpsdaa3ab66.jpg
 photo 1123a_zps02fa89fe.jpg
 photo 220a_zpse8aa8a99.jpg
 photo 186b_zpse80e5b14.jpg
 photo 176b_zpsf68bc553.jpg

i am so in love with this boy! he's not perfect, but he's my kind of perfect. i can't wait to see him in the role of big brother. february can't get here fast enough!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This, That & Everything In Between

i've often described our journey toward parenthood as a roller coaster ride, but this year has been like a roller coaster ride on steroids.

first off, my apologies for my absence, but by the end of this post, you'll understand why blogging had to temporarily fall to the bottom of my list.

i'll do this chronologically, to keep it simple...

february: eye surgery, which kept me off the computer for about 2 months while i healed.

march: started up a fresh round of IVF to hopefully make mack a big brother.

april: BFP. yup, the first round of IVF took...but it didn't last long. my HCG levels were low, which, of course, ended in an early miscarriage. the good news from this was that we harvested 36 eggs, 24 were mature, 19 fertilized, (after two were implanted) 15 made it to freeze. such a huge blessing! the round was definitely worth it just to give us more chances in the future without having to go through a fresh round. (if you've never been through IVF, trust me when i say that it is grueling. multiple shots every day, surgery to harvest the eggs, hormotional roller coaster for you and everyone around you, and all of this with no guarantee that you'll get pregnant, let alone be able to bring home a baby.

may: started the frozen cycle to transfer two of our little frosties. things were looking so good, until B found out that there was a chance he would be getting laid off. scary stuff, not fun to deal with while you're hopped up on hormones. we decided to just have faith and move forward, implanting two embryos at the end of the month.

june: BFP, but this time with really high HCG levels! woohoo! then we got blindsided...a few days after testing positive at home, my dad had a massive heart attack, which landed him in the hospital with a not-so-great prognosis. being so far away was tough, but i did get to tell him over the phone that i was pregnant. he was so happy for us and said that he had a good feeling about this one. he soon took a turn for the worse, but before he passed, told my sisters that he was going to go to heaven and send down an angel baby for me. that was my dad, always looking out for us, wanting to give us everything he could right up to his last moment here on earth. after my HCG levels came back so great, my doctor cleared me to fly home for the funeral (i hate that i had to say goodbye to him over the phone). i'm just so glad i was able to be with my family for it, even though it was so tough. as soon as we got back from texas, i had my first ultrasound. twins! but the doctor wasn't sure if baby B was going to make it, since it was measuring small.

july: weekly ultrasounds with the RE to monitor baby B. unfortunately, there was no progress, which left baby A as a singleton. it was disappointing and relieving at the same time. i'm not going to lie, the thought of having twins while caring for a toddler scared the crap out of me! either way, i was just grateful to have at least one healthy baby in there. as for B's job, he survived the round of lay-offs, but it scared him enough to start looking for a new job. he was quickly offered a position with a smaller company with more opportunities for him and more job security. so far, it's been a great fit!

august: still pregnant. yay! morning sickness ended at about 10 weeks, which was heaven-sent. i was just started to feel good, more like myself, when we got more bad news. B's mom had stopped eating; her organs were shutting down. B's dad was ever optimistic, saying that she would get through this, that hospice was there and helping her to eat again, but her frail little body was done and she soon passed quietly in her sleep. after 10 years of her suffering, it was easy to see that this was what was best. we mourned her departure from us, but were able to celebrate her life and her release from her bodily prison. B handled it all very well and i was happy to be able to support him the way he had supported me in june. without each other, and mack, of course, i don't know how either of us would have survived the summer. after we got back from utah, we had an appointment for a 3D ultrasound, to find out the gender of the little alien growing inside me. it was a wonderful experience and a perfect time for a pick-me-up, and...we were thrilled to find out that mack is getting a baby brother!!!

september: we made it to the 20 week ultrasound! our little boy is growing and thriving. mack has no clue what's going on, but at least understands what a baby is and that he needs to be gentle with them. it's really sweet how excited he gets when he sees a baby now. he points, says "baby!" and starts talking to him/her in his own language. :) well, we had to know that more bad news was coming, so it really didn't surprise us when we found out last week that B's dad (who has been dealing with lung cancer for the past year) now has a tumor on his brain. we don't know the details of it or what he has decided as for his treatment, but we're doing all we can to support him and the rest of his family as we continue on this journey with this added trial.

well, it's october now and things are settling down for the most part. i'm feeling great physically (almost 22 weeks along now!) and nesting has certainly kicked in, so i have lots to blog about and i plan to get back in the swing of things here. stay tuned for lots of updates, especially in the home decor department. i have projects that need to be posted about, projects in the works, and plans for more projects as i redecorate our home and do another DIY nursery. did i mention i'm nesting? ;)
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