Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hellos & Goodbyes

wow. there's so much to catch you all up on that i really don't know where to begin.

first off, yes. i am still alive. :) secondly...oh, i'll just break it all down for ya.

goodbye, dad: we said goodbye to B's dad in november. saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but we feel such peace knowing that he and B's mom have been reunited and are free of the physical limitations and pain they suffered here on earth. they were laid to rest side by side on the western facing slope of a beautiful mountain, overlooking the salt lake valley.

hello, rocky: we welcomed our beautiful son, rocky, into this world on february 9th. he weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 6oz and was 21.5" long. mack absolutely adores him and is eager to help soothe him and play with him. i can't wait till they're big enough to run around together! (my birth story is a bit long, so i'll share that in another post.)

goodbye, maryland: while we were still in the hospital (only 2 days after giving birth), B received a job offer in utah!!! it was such an answer to prayers, that at only 2 weeks postpartum, we said a fond farewell to maryland and all our friends there, packed up all our belongings and our two precious boys, and drove across the country. it was quite the ordeal, but worth every bit of it.

hello, utah: we're home!!! we've finally settled in here, in a home that we are renting for a year. we're trying to decide if we want to buy a fixer-upper or build a new house next year. we love being near family and away from the horrible humidity of maryland.

goodbye, infertility: i don't know if goodbye is appropriate, as i am now the very definition of "infertile", but i'm saying goodbye to the pain and stress, heartache and tears that go along with it. due to complications from my delivery, which i'll get into in depth in my birth story, i am now completely unable to carry another child. the hardest thing to say goodbye to is the hope of more children, but i have faith that this is all part of a higher plan, that my family is now complete, and that i will be a better person for having experienced it all.

i am so incredibly grateful for the ups and downs we've experienced, especially recently, because they've shaped me into the woman i now am and have led me down a path that has brought me so much joy that words cannot begin to describe it.

also, a very genuine thank you goes out to you, my friends in the blogosphere. your support and kind words have buoyed me up more times than i can count. you've helped me find my voice and shown me that what i have to say really does matter. you've all helped me more than you know, just by reading my words. every post view is like a hug and you have no idea how much i need a hug most days. :) so, thank you!

now, i leave you with an adorable picture... introducing rocky!

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