Friday, November 20, 2015

Here and Now

where did i go, you ask? i took a much needed break to process life, move past difficult chapters, and put a lot of hard work into my future.

my family is doing amazingly! we've had even more crazy ups and downs this year, like life-changing crazy, that included building our dream home, almost losing B to heart failure, B's miraculous recovery (you know all about this if you follow me on instagram), an incredible start to the relocation of my photography business from maryland to utah, and, now, the launch of my new blog! it's a lot, i know.

about the new blog...i decided to partner up with my best friend and we are SO stoked about this! we just launch Mommy See, Mommy Do earlier this week. it's a lifestyle blog with all sorts of DIY projects, craft tutorials, product reviews, styling tips and tricks, and delicious recipes, as well as how-to's for workouts to help you burn off the aftermath of said delicious recipes.

from here on out, you can continue to follow me and my crazy life on instagram (@clevercarlia), but please head over to the new blog to show me some love, since it's going to be my new permanent home. (i'm so done with moving!)

much love to you all!!!

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