About Me

thanks for stopping by my blog!

my name is carlia and i'm a 30 year old wife, mother, photographer, DIYer, graphic designer, and jill-of-all-trades.

i started this blog in 2008 to journal my experience with infertility, but it became so much more. it turned into a therapeutic outlet for me, evolving to encompass my other interests, eventually including tips for my readers, as well as a few freebies and give-aways.

i'm originally from texas, but have lived in a few different states, currently residing in maryland. it's been 10 years since i moved away from my home state and i'm fighting tooth and nail to keep as much of my accent as i can. ;)

my husband and i finally welcomed our first child, mack, in january of 2012. we tried for 9 years to have him and he was worth every minute of the wait! since his birth, i've become a stay at home mom and i love it! i can't imagine missing a single moment of his life.

we moved into our current home in the fall of 2011 and i'm obsessed with decorating it on a budget. that means lots of thrift store shopping, garage sale hopping, clearanced fabric buying, and manual labor. i'm pretty much making it all up as i go, so i share what i learn as i learn it, so you can benefit from my triumphs and mistakes.

photography has been a passion of mine since i was a teenager. i've had my own business for the past several years and i truly love it! as a self-taught photographer, i want to help my readers hone their camera skills by offering simple tips and tricks to make their photos look more professional.

i hope you'll stick around to see what else i've got up my sleeve!


Ashley Richards said...

Found this blog through the jewelry swap and really enjoyed what you have going on. Happy to be your next follower.

Unknown said...

Found you through the blog hop and you and your family are just beautiful!! So happy to hear that you got your little blessing bundle of joy :)

Always love that you like to decorate on a budget-- I LOVE to garage sale, but don't always know how to put it all together to look good!! :)

Denise Francisco said...

Just found your blog and fell in love with it instantly! Excited to read more from you.


Roni Lowe said...

I'm glad to know that it's possible to overcome infertility. I have two beautiful babies (5 and 3) but we have been trying for 2 years now for a third. No luck. It's hard and frustrating, and annoying and makes me hate my body for not cooperating. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has dealt with it all.

Lauren Thomas said...

Hi there! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Oh wow, we have so much in common! so excited i stumbled across your bloggy!

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