The Great 100 Day Challenge

a lot can happen in 100 days. join us as we set goals to work on for 100 days and see where it takes you! there are no rules for what your goal should be (just keep it family friendly) and you can join at any time! (follow my progress on twitter!)

how do you join in? easy!

step 1: become a GFC follower of nest building 101

step 2: apply this button to your blog

nest building 101

step 3: fill out the form below

participants & finish dates:

carlia {write in my book for at least an hour every day}: january 9
nic {floss daily & spend 10 minutes a day working on my book}: november 23
vibeke hansen {work out, every single day}: october 23
josey {*No more than 100 drinks in 100 days. *300 ab reps every other day for 100 days.}: december 31
riana {run at least 5 days a week, a minimum of 2 miles}: january 10
bébé suisse {It is not what I want to do, but rather what I want to NOT do ... bite my horrible stubby little nails.}: january 10


phredfwedschweffel said...

Love it! Thanks for organizing, and thanks to Josey for the link :)

Hip-baby Mama said...

I want to do this! As soon as I think of something to do for 100 days.

Stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop.

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